Monday, February 13, 2012

The Latest: Deep Indigo Studio Crops and Pants, Wunder Under Pants, Pace Setter Skirt and More

New Studio Crops and Pants are available in Deep Indigo. I wonder if these will be part of tonight's upload.

The latest Wunder Under colors, deep indigo denim and black wee stripe, are also available in pant length. I love my Black Wee Stripe WU crops. I'll have to try the pant version, too.

There is a new Pace Setter skirt out in Aquamarine.

These are the new Excel crops I posted about yesterday. They totally hit me at the knee and were too tight there. They look tight on this woman at the knee, too. It's too bad. I would have liked a knee length crop but I much prefer a looser opening at the knee, kind of like Astro crops.

The Deep Indigo Bold Stripe Xlong Cool Racerback. I wouldn't mind an Extra Long cool racerback in a print but not this one.

The Paris Pink Back on Track Tank.

There is a new Get Fit Tank hitting the stores in Lavender Dusk.

The new Every Yogi tee is coming out in Inkblot and Heathered Aquamarine.

The ribbed CRB is hitting stores in Fossil, Paris Pink, and Lavender Dusk. I want to try the Lavender Dusk one.

Tea Lounge pants (left) and a pair of Feel Good pants from a couple of years ago. For those that have the Feel Goods, the Tea Lounge are softer (the Feel Goods are pretty soft so this sounds awesome) and a little thicker than the Feel Goods.

There is a new In Stride jacket coming out in Heathered Deep Indigo.

Another photo of the Deep Indigo Wee Are From Space Inspires.

The Chase Me Crop in Aquamarine and Black. People are saying the waistband is tight on these.

 The Chase Me tank is only in Australia but here is another photo of the Aquamarine. 

The Inkblot Scoop Neck tank.

This girl looks great in the Aquamarine Flow and Go. I would think these will be uploaded later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Luluaddict -question? Why do u say the Chase me Tank is only in Australia? It is on the US website in black, right?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh .... the flow and go tank. Looks good, I totally managed to rip the tags off while getting on, only to not be able to put it on properly. It confused me, so I passed.

Anonymous said...

I must have the Back on Track tank! I really like the Paris Pink but I think it would me more practical in black. The drawstring is amazing.
I tried on the Flow and Go with no issues (I'm a dancer, so I'm all too experienced in strappy leotards and whatnot), but the straps were so long! I only have a 34B or so (maybe a little smaller) and I did not feel supported at all. I usually shorten leotard straps for dance if there's a really cute or flattering leotard--it's easy to shorten those. But for the Flow and Go, it's difficult because the straps are so thin and it's difficult to find a place to shorten them. Boooooo. I really wanted that one for hot yoga. It would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they need to come out with the Chase Me with a built-in shelf! It's SO cute (and flattering). It was a nice idea to make a tank compatible with the Ta Ta Tamer, but they did such a great job on the cut of this tank that I would love to see it in a shelf bra option.