Monday, January 16, 2012

Store Trip Report, Apres Run Anorak, and Photos of the Latest

I went to the store this morning hoping to see the new Camo tanks but was disappointed. However, I did pick up a new Bang Buster headband. I thought I'd compare it to one of my Mesh Headwraps for you. The Bang Busters are out in Pig Pink, Black, and White. They are $14. It's 5.25" wide. The Mesh Headwrap on the right is 4.3", though those ranged in width sometimes by a good half inch or more. The interior of the Bang Buster is lined with circle mesh. (The Mesh Headwraps were lined with Power Mesh.) The Bang Buster does feel a big snugger on my head, though I think it's too wide for me. That won't stop me from getting more if if comes out in some bright colors or prints. All in all, it's a good replacement for the Mesh Headwrap. I really like that the logo is no longer in the middle of my forehead like some cultist and it's been relocated discretely to the side.

I tried on the Silver Spoon stripe CRB and really liked it. It has a very cool, summery look to it. I didn't get it yet because I am holding out to see if I like the Black Camo CRB. I was hoping to see the Silver Stripe Lively Tee but the store I went to didn't have it.

I ended up buying another Ta Ta Tamer in Rocksteady that was in markdown for $34.  I tried wearing my TTT running the other day and really liked it. It turns out that my new Garmin Heart Rate Monitor strap has to sit fairly high on my chest and people told me to tuck it under my bra. I have been running in underwire sports bras but they become uncomfortable with the underwire riding on top of the HRM strap. Anyway, I decided I needed another TTT so I was happy to pick one up for such a good price. I have a lot of blue, purple, and black tanks and tops so Rocksteady is a good color for me.

The Apres Run Anorak is now out. I like it. I'm sure it won't come to Southern California stores but it's cute.

I think this is the Black Camo in the Cool Racerback. In fact, all the product alerts I've seen have listed only Black Camo for the CRB so I'm not sure if it will also come in the Wren version. I would think so, though.

This is a great photo where you can see the color differences between the two versions of the camo. The Arise bra in the middle is the Wren Camo and the CRB on the right is the black camo. I would hope these will be uploaded tomorrow but I would really prefer to try these on before ordering.

 Black Retro Camo CRB shown with a Wild Lime CRB underneath. The pants are the Dressage pants.

Black Camo Arise Bra.


Leesa said...

I wish they would make the old mesh headwraps that were the thinner previous version, I have 2 but they're worn down to nothing lol I will be getting the bang buster in every colour if it comes online, fingers crossed!!

Holly Jones said...

Wow, that's the first pic of the Dressage Pants that I've seen where they actually looked nice.

Also, I've not been a fan of Wild Lime at all, but it looks great paired with the camo. I just love that whole outfit!

Definitely hoping they'll do a Bang Buster in one of the camos.

Cari H said...

The black camo CRB is at the Irvine store- I just got one!

Anonymous said...

I was in my Cincinnati Ohio store today with an online return and they opened up a box of Black Camo CRBs. I tried one on and I found that when stretched across the bust, it did not show the "white" that sometimes occurs with some prints. The fabric is very silky and smooth. I really, really liked it and "one followed me home." lol

Anonymous said...

Passing on the camo

LuluAddict said...

@ cari H - I know! Irvine posted photos. I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know How much the anorak is? And is it really warm/thick? What is I made of?