Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Pretty Photos of the Latest

I don't have any photos of new stuff for you but a few stores took some photos in pretty locations so I thought I'd share. I swear I saw someone running up the hill by our house in this tank today. It looked so fresh and fun on her. It's been very warm here lately (mid-upper 70s) and the blue and white stripes just seemed to go with the warm weather. It was also very eye-catching as she ran by me. I may have to try this tank on after all.

The Deep Breath is such a flattering style and this woman looks great in it. This is about how much cleavage I show in this tank, maybe a touch more after I move around in it.

A photo of the white/black microstripe and heathered black Run: Your Heart Out Tank. I like it on her a lot.

Great photo in natural light of the Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper Scuba hoodie.

A gorgeous photo from the La Jolla store of the Distance Pullover and Back on Track Tight.

I don't know if there will be an upload tomorrow or not. I will definitely post if I see something new.