Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silver Spoon Stripe CRB and Silver Spoon Pique In Stride Jacket

The Silver Spoon striped Cool Racerback. I need to see if my store got this. I kind of like it. It's shown with the Wild Lime Free to Be bra underneath.

Another photo of the Silver Spoon pique In Stride Jacket. I might have to make this my first Stride jacket. I love my Define in the pique-ish Black mini check pattern.


Anonymous said...

I bet the price of the InStride jacket is $118.00, the Define pique was jigher than the rest of them.

Cari said...

Has anyone tried on the silverspoon stripe CRB? I am wondering if it is see through.

Anonymous said...

Just saw it in a store on one of the educators and it is def see through