Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Signed Up for the Sea Wheeze

lululemon sea wheeze half marathon
I officially signed up for the Sea Wheeze today. My husband booked us a hotel in downtown Vancouver so all that's left for me to do is renew my passport and keep training.

Lots of stores have been posting about the marathon on their Facebook pages and some questions have popped up on the Lulu FB page about it:

When asked about pace and walkers:

Great questions. This race is all about enjoying our beautiful city of Vancouver! Walkers are more than welcome to join us on the course and share in the experience. Right now, we don't have an exact time that the course will be closed, so check back with us later to confirm. Thanks,

When asked about a medal at the end (hoping it's a big lulu symbol myself) and when we get the technical gear that is part of the registration price:

There will be a very nice surprise for all of our runners upon completion. But what it is? My lips are sealed! The piece of awesome run tech gear you'll receive will be sent out before the race. This way you can train in it! If I hear anymore specifics, I'll let you know.

FWIW, my guess is that the piece is probably shorts for women given that we have to give a bottoms size. It only goes up to women's size 10 which is where many of the women's run shorts stop. However, quite a few of the women's run crops stop at a 10, too, so it could be them. The fact that it's hot and humid in Vancouver in August makes me think it's shorts, though.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about running in the sea wheeze this august and was wondering if anyone knows which hotel downtown would be the best to book. I have never been to vancouver , so any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks .

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I can't wait, there are 15 lulu fans from Knoxville signed up! We are pumped and wish it were August now!!

Anonymous said...

There are lots of nice hotels downtown- it depends on what your budget is. Sutton Place is very nice although $$$$. I've stayed at the Sheraton Wall Centre and it's very nice although a bit further up Burrard and not as close to shopping. I've also stayed at the Terminal City Tower Club Hotel - it's a hotel attached to a private club. It's very nice and a litter lower key. I believe you have access to the fitness facilities at the Terminal City Club while staying there. All the Fairmont hotels are quite nice as well. I live in Vancouver now but I used to travel here for business so have stayed at number of the downtown hotels.

Anonymous said...

The website suggests the's that hotel location for pre and post race?

LuluAddict said...

Someone mentioned that there is a lulu group rate for the Westin of $169 but I can't find it through the Sea Wheeze site link.

Anonymous said...

The Westin is very nice. I've stayed there before. It's on the water- great views. It's the closest hotel to the start finish lines. The 4 Seasons is probably the most central. I haven't stayed there but a friend often stays there when in town for business.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Pan Pacific hotel (the one with the sails) is located at the start line so another great option. Is also connected to the Canada Line so easy and inexpensive transit access from the airport.