Monday, January 23, 2012

Photos: Switch Back LS

Photos of the new Run: Switch Back LS in Black/Black Wee Stripe (top) and the White/Deep Indigo Bold Stripe (reverses to same pattern).

Product Info:

  • Inside-out? Outside-in? This reversible long sleeve leaves the choice up to you!
  • Use it for a mid or base layer, depending on the temp
  • Super soft, double-sided Rulu™ fabric is inherently wicking & reversible
  • Power Luxtreme ribbed side panels for extra movement
  • Reflective features keep you visible on night rides & runs
  • Patch pocket provide easy storage
  • Thumbholes keep sleeves down
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • size 2-12


Anonymous said...

I like it!! I wonder if it's TTS??

Linda said...

Not a fan of the jail stripes that keep popping up!

Anonymous said...

I love this

Anonymous said...

It's reversible but does one of them reverse to the same thing on the other side? How is that worth the extra $$$?

screenshop said... can you call it reversible if it reverses to the same thing? Sounds more like 'inside out' stupid.

Anonymous said...

Just tried this on. It is not as thick as the Turn Around, but a maybe a smidge thicker than Back on Track (could be my imagination). I don't care for the ribbing on the sides and I can take or leave the circle mesh. The thumbholes are right at the cuff, not set into the sleeve like those in the TA or Swiftly. And it definitely fits more snugly than the TA. IMO, all the different fabrics just made the shirt seem a bit patchwork-like. The reverse side doesn't have the reflective strip down the back. My store didn't have the white one, which I might have purchased since I am looking for something with more visibility when it's dark out. I tried the black one on and didn't even bother with the striped one. I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn't get behind it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:26 pm - thanks for your fit review!! Were the thumbholes at the cuff too short for your arm? I've been reading that's a flaw with the latest few run tops.

Anonymous said...

The thumbholes weren't too short for my arm, but I'm petite, so all lulu sleeves are long on me. I live in soCal too, and I feel the run pullovers with cuffins are generally too warm, so I like the thumbholes to be set into the sleeve to give my hands a bit more coverage when running.