Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photos of The Latest: Deep Breath, Chai Time, Leg Warmers and More

lululemon deep breath tank
A great close up photo showing the Heathered Silver Spoon Deep Breath tank. This color reminded me a lot of Heathered Sand Dune or Heathered Blurred gray. The texture is very similar - super soft.

lululemon deep breath silver spoon
A good photo illustrating how much cleavage you might show in the Deep Breath in some poses. Of course, YMMV, but you should definitely bend and twist when you try this tank on.

lululemon chai time pullover
This photo makes me want to get the new Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover.

lululemon pigment blue define and wunder unders
This woman has such a great shape. She will get your attention in head to toe Pigment Blue.

lululemon pigment power y
The Pigment and white striped Power Y.

lululemon eternatl leg warmers

New running luon Eternal Leg Warmers. They were on the website last week (I missed them) but sold out quickly. They are now hitting local stores.


Anonymous said...

Love the leg warmers! Any idea on the price of them?

Anonymous said...

H&M has cute leg warmers for $7. I wear mine over my wu's crops to and from yoga.

Anonymous said...

The all in pigment blue outfit looks like the outfits wore in the Blue Man show lol

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I don't think the breasts of the girl in the DP tank in wheel are real. Maybe it's just me, but my girls don't stay so upright when i'm in inversions or upward dog. Those look almost hard ??? Anyway, mine are about a 34C/32D and they fall or pop out of the DP if I'm not consciously adjusting the tank.