Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photos: Inkblot Arise, Aquamarine CRB, and More

Photo of the new Inkblot Arise bra shown with coordinating Inkblot/Deep Indigo Astro Wunder Unders.

Inkblot Power Y with coordinating Inkblot/Deep Indigo Groove Pants. I need to try this outfit on. I wonder if the Grooves reverse to solid Deep Indigo.

Photo of the new Heathered Aquamaine Cool Racerback, shown with the Fossil Yin to You crops.

I like Wild Lime paired with the Inkblot print.


Anonymous said...

I would not touch the Inkblot, the color will bleed just like the other 4 colors.

Rinne said...

Indigo grooves do reverse to all indigo

LuluAddict said...

@ Rinne - Thanks!

@ anon - I don't think the color will bleed. The prints are the high polyester content fabric. One reason lulu uses poly is that is doesn't fade. Although many don't like the feel of it, the high poly prints are the most stable.

Cari said...

Agreed with LLA- I do not think the inkblot print will bleed. I purchased both the Power Y and CRB in this print today (I cannot decide which one to keep) and they feel identical to the Camo CRB that came out last week.