Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photos: Back on Track Pullover, Pig In Stride, Flash and More

lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
Photo of the Silver Spoon and White striped Back on Track Pullover. This is made of running luon. This is the version I like the best in this top. The last photo also shows the Pigment and White striped In Stride Jacket.

lululemon pig pink stripe stride jacket

lululemon pig striped stride jacket
A photo of the Pig and White Striped Power Y.  This one is cute.

lululemon no limit tank silver spoon
A straight-on shot of the Silver Spoon No Limit tank shown with the matching Inspire crops. I'm debating whether to take the tags off mine tomorrow to wear to spin. It's supposed to be warm so I'm leaning towards doing it. I've also got a new black zipper CRB that I want to pair with my Tinted Canvas print Energy bra. Decisions, decisions.

lululemon no limit tank
A good photo of a busty woman in the No Limit tank. I like to add another tank under the No Limit for more support - a Flow Y, Energy, Free to Be, or 50 Rep. The Flow Y is the one that shows the least, of course.

lululemon flash energy bra under pigment swiftly tank
I think I took this from an Australian product alert because I believe the Flash Energy bras aren't in North America but I could be wrong. Anyway, we know they're coming and it's on my want list for January. I liked this photo because of how Flash popped against the Pigment Blue Swiftly tank.

lululemon flash deep breath silver spoon speed shorts
The Flash Deep Breath is in Canada but I haven't read of it in the US yet. A Canadian friend who has seen this in person says it's a great, energetic color and not as bright as Paris Pink, despite it glowing on our computer monitors. So far, we know flash tanks are coming in the Deep Breath, Cool Racerback, Scoop Neck, and Power Y. It's also coming in a bunch of bra styles - Flow Y, Cross Your Heart, Energy, and more. The Deep Breath is shown with the Silver Spoon Stripe Speed shorts in this photo.

lululemon flash power y
Flash Power Y - currently only in Australia.

lululemon silver spoon cross my heart bra
An almost straight-on short of the Silver Spoon Cross My Heart tank. I am unsure of how the stripes will work for (or against me).

lululemon silver spoon stripe flow y
New Flow Y in the Silver Spoon striped pattern.

lululemon wild lime wunder under waist
Great closeup of one of the new quilted waistbands. (Cool manicure, too!)

lululemon pigment pace setter
I don't think I've posted this before, it's a new Pacesetter skirt in Pigment Blue.

lululemon tadasana split crop
New Tadasana Slit crops in Deep Coal with a Pig Pink Waistband.

lululemon pig wunder groove crop
Pig Wunder Groove crops.

lululemon boogie short
Pig Boogie short.

lululemon it's getting hot in here bra
Pigment It's Getting Hot in Here bra.

lululemon pigment blue strength and tone short
Strength and Tone Shorts in Pigment Blue.

lululemon insight pant black denim
Insight Pant.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see more "busty women" pictures if possible. You know, how real bodies fit into Lululemon, not just the (often lucky) skinny chicks. I've got a set of thighs and a rather large behind that I would like to get a sense of how they'd look in products before buying them (and not living near the store).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photo of the busty woman in the No Limit tank! it's nice to see how Lulu fits us curvy gals! We see the fit on slim tall lulu models, but for us girls with more curves, sometimes on the website it's hard to judge! thanks! post more! she looks great :)

Anonymous said...

go busty gal! id' love to see her model the flow Y bra.. and other Lulu tops.


Courtney in CA

Anonymous said...

Diversity is good when it comes to see how the same items fit on different bodies.

The busty woman wearing the NLT in pigment stripes looks great, she's beautiful. However, for me the most ilustrative pictures are those of small busted women, like the one wearing the Flash DB tank and the It's Getting Hot in Here bra in pigment. Thanks to these two images, I am passing on both, the tank and the bra, in any and all colours. As that's exactly how they would look on me, not very flattering.

Thank you LLA for the variety.

Anonymous said...

Did the It's Happening Jacket in deep coal sold out already?! It's not longer on the site. I ordered it and it's still on the way, but after reading reviews might need to exchange it for the next size up.
So odd.

Debbie said...

As President of the Itty Bitty Titty committee, I also appreciate the diversity of the bodies you show in your photos. Before purchasing a new style of top I will do a search on your site to see if I can find a similar body modeling it and I always can. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting everything. I always enjoy seeing the outfits. When do you think all of the flash items will be in the states/website?

Anonymous said...

Only two headbands were uploaded in markdown...Lululemon I'm overwhelmed this morning!

Anonymous said...

I bought the NLT in coal with the paris wee stripe bra underneath, and last weekend I saw the version with the coal tank and flash bra. They're similar, but IMO flash is MUCH brighter. Like, glow in the dark or maybe "oops I must have dropped a pink and orange highlighter in the wash" bright.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the strength and tone shorts on someone - they look super cute but I always question the Lulu photos online. Anyone have them/like them? Are they super short?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:02--I ordered the Turbo Run shorts and they mistakenly sent the Strength and Tone (in the same size). I opened them and just started laughing. I have a butt and I think only about half of it fit in the shorts. They looked like something I might've worn in high school or in the sorority, but I definitely wouldn't be comfortable wearing them now.

But I could see where they could look good on women without a curvy bottom and maybe who have shorter legs (at 5'8" and heading into autumn when they came, I thought it was a whole lotta leg showing--in summer I might've felt differently).

Anonymous said...

Are they crazy? flash is super bright. It's like if passion and electric orange had a baby. Very neon coral. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I too love the variety of "real" bodies shown in the images on this blog. We are all different and the clothing items fit differently. I appreciate you posting them and I appreciate the ladies posing for the pictures! I ordered the silver spoon NLT too and am anxious for it to come via FedEx. Good luck on your spin class clothing decision!

emaysway said...

I just got the pink and white striped stride today---it is super soft, much softer than most other strides! I actually liked it more than I thought. I had originally been looking at the blue and white striped one, but that just was a little much in person.

Anonymous said...

That busty lady looks fab-u-LOUS in that tank. I'm overly busty myself (the breastfeeding did it in) and couldn't picture myself in the no limit but now I'm thinking maybe I should get one haha!

Camille said...

So I am the busy woman (lol) and I had no idea one picture would get so much attention! But I am a lulu ambassador and yoga teacher in Baltimore and I love the no limit tank and the scoop neck tanks a lot. Thanks for all the sweet comments!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the tracker shorts in US stores?

emaysway said...

Damn look good! =) I tried that tank in so many colors and just can't pull it off. Maybe it's because i'm flat as a board =( Either way, you rock it!

Anonymous said...

The strength and tone shorts are kind of short. Like loose boogie shorts.

Anonymous said...

Camille, you are a goddess!! thanks for posting!!! you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I agree - your pic was the best Camille! You look great!

Camille said...

You guys are awesome- I am going to post a few more of the shots on my blog so check later tonight or tomorrow so you can see some of the newer items on me. :)

LuluAddict said...

@ Camille - Thanks for writing in!!! I am busty myself so I always try to post photos of the more endowed ladies in lulu. ;-)

Lululemon has stated they design for an athletic figured 5'6" woman so finding styles that work for curvier women and photos of them is a bonus. The No Limit is one of my favorite tanks and works for all shapes. That's when you know it's a winner - it looks good on everyone.

I am hour glass shape myself so I wish I could find more photos of ladies modelling lulu with "Brazilian" fitness wear shapes - boobs, butts, and thighs but they're kind of on the rare side. When I find them, I try to post them.

Anonymous said...

As a small chested lulu fan I am actually getting tired of all the "busty" pics of the tops and bras. I would like to be able to see someone who is small like myself-5'3"&under 100lbs look good in a lulu tank or bra which seem to only be geared towards those who are well endowed. But then again maybe us unlucky small gals are just meant to stick with lulu bottoms and tees.