Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of the Latest

An interesting color combo - the White/Deep Indigo Quiet Stripe In Stride Jacket paired with plum Wunder Unders.

Another interesting pairing - the Inkblot print Power Y with the Quiet Stripe Wunder Under pants.

Inkblot Cool Racerback with Deep Indigo Hot Move Shorts.

I really like the Inkblot print paired with the Fossil Yin to Yang crops.

Aquamarine tops (LS Swiftly and Cool Racerback or Swiftly SL (hard to tell)) paired with the black camo speed shorts.

The new colors in the Arise bra - Paris Pink and the Inkblot print.


Anonymous said...

Blehhhh.... This does not look very exciting, nor was yesterdays upload. Yawn. Where is that dazzling ultraviolet color? I'd like to see that and whatever shade of coral/orange, from the sneak peek of the Astro waistband, make a speedy appearance!

becky said...

How is everyone's flash holding up?? I'm still debating whether to send back my CMH bra? I want to be able to wear it with some of my lighter CRBs for a pop of color, but not at the risk of ruining those which can't be replaced.

Olivia said...

That girl in the first photo looks so cute. Such a good outfit and nice couch and whatnot!

Stupid loot on website showing me things I want at good prices but NOT IN STOCK. :(

Jodi said...

I am so po'd!! I placed an order yesterday got confirm at noontime and just rec'd e-mail cancelling my order!! What is up with that? I have heard of inventory problems but this is unexceptable. They should know within an hour if they have stock. Plus the item stayed on the website for half the day after I placed my order. They also had authorized through my credit card.. they need to get this customer service/inventory thing under control. It is ruining what could be a great store/website.

Contessa said...

I have to say that the best purchase I have made this year (or last) is my Plum Crop Wunder Unders When they first came out I was skeptical of how they will look with different colors--but seeing how much they match all these new colors makes me soooo happy. Even though I would never do the striped Stride jacket--I am glad even the educators are finding different color options!

Anonymous said...

@Becky RE flash-I've worn my no limits tank as well as my crb without problems but I did pre-soak them for a day before I washed them. I havent tried layering over lighter colors but I do check my skin after working out in those tops and I haven't turned pink yet. My energy bra on the other hand has been soaking in H20 for the last week. I've changed the H20 at least twice a day and finally started adding salt and the bra still turns the H20 bright pink. I may have to wait for warmer months when I can run in just a sports bra before trying it out. Love the color, hate the concern over bleeding. Hope this was helpful.

Anonymous said...

That's nice photo of the women standing on her toes. She has really muscular legs and awesome calves.