Thursday, January 12, 2012

Men's Downdawg 3/4 Pant is Back

I think the Downdawg pants and shorts are among the most beloved of the lululemon's men's yoga wear. My husband recently bought a pair of similar luon Power Yoga shorts from ebay and when I looked it up, all the reviews were full of calls to bring back the Downdawg shorts. The three-quarter length for men seems to be gaining some popularity here in the US - lots of MLS soccer players have warm ups in this length.

The 3/4 pant look: Italy's Gigi Buffon, one of my favorite players to watch in the 2006 World Cup


Anonymous said...

they are called "manpris". Very "euro".

Anonymous said...

Ditto the previous poster's comment. Very "euro". I lived in a few different countries and these were so popular.
Personally, I'm not a fan. In Spain, they call them "piratas" and well, they do remind me of Pirate pants :)

Unknown said...

My husband was just on a plane with Buffon on Monday. He was in heaven as he is a lifelong Juventus fan. I've rarely heard his name outside of Italy though. I don't mind the euro look mentioned by PP's - of course my hubby is Euro... lol

LuluAddict said...

If you go to the Adidas site they call them 3/4 pants. Much more manly sounding than manpri. LOL. I think they are kind of a cool look.

@ Aramina - Buffon was my 2006 World Cup crush. In 2010, it was pretty much the entire Spanish team (hello Iker Casillas!) - so good looking. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Definitely very European, after all both Puma (Buffon's sponsor) and Adidas are German brands popular in Europe. I'm in Switzerland and in summer or warm days you can see lots of guys (usually under 40) sporting them. I personally think the look is hideous, as it makes their legs look shorter, or seems as if they outgrew the pants mum bought them when they were 13. Thanks God my husband never jumped on board this trend.