Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of the Latest

An interesting color combo - the White/Deep Indigo Quiet Stripe In Stride Jacket paired with plum Wunder Unders.

Another interesting pairing - the Inkblot print Power Y with the Quiet Stripe Wunder Under pants.

Inkblot Cool Racerback with Deep Indigo Hot Move Shorts.

I really like the Inkblot print paired with the Fossil Yin to Yang crops.

Aquamarine tops (LS Swiftly and Cool Racerback or Swiftly SL (hard to tell)) paired with the black camo speed shorts.

The new colors in the Arise bra - Paris Pink and the Inkblot print.

Photos of the Latest

I really like the Inkblot Scuba paired with Deep Indigo Grooves. I wonder if it will show up at my local store.

For those of you looking for a run top for your black camo/aquamarine Speed shorts, there is a new Aquamarine Swiftly Tank hitting stores now.

Photos of the Inkblot print in the Power Y, CRB, and Arise bra. It looks like you might have to hunt for a good pattern distribution I also like this tank best with Deep Indigo or heathered Deep Indigo bottoms.

A Pigment Stripe Cool Racerback and the Inkblot CRB paired with the Fossil Yin to You crops.

Deep Indigo Groove pants in the top two photos and the Heathered Deep Indigo Astro Wunder Unders in the bottom two photos. It's hard to get a sense of how the newest Deep Indigo print tops/jackets look against black since they are being shown with the matching Deep Indigo bottoms

Deep Indigo Groove pants with the coordinating DI Quiet Stripe Stride Jacket.

Hot Move shorts in Fossil and Deep Indigo.

 Flow N Go tote.

The Paris Push UR Limits with the coordinating Wren Camo speed shorts. Black Push UR Limits. I really would have liked a Deep Indigo Push.

Outfit of the Day for Couch to 5K Week 4 Day 2 Workout

I had lots of rest for today's workout. I was supposed to run on Saturday or Sunday but a weekend soccer tournament and my sister's visit delayed my workout until today. I rested yesterday so I had lots of energy for the workout today. The Week 4 workout is 5 min warm up walk, run 3 min, walk 90 sec, run 5 min, walk 2.5 min, repeat twice. I wouldn't say it was easy, and as always I was very conscious of the effort I had to make for the first twenty minutes, but I ended up doing one extra interval to make up for my time off. The five minute intervals didn't seem as endless as the first time I did this workout. I didn't have any soreness during the run at all but my aches and pains seem to come on a few hours later.  The weather was sunny and in the upper 50s/low 60s. My outfit of the day was: my new Ebb and Flow crops (very pleasant to run in, about the same breathability as Wunder Unders, maybe slightly better), a short sleeve Antidote Swiftly tee, a Lavender Gray Ta Ta Tamer, lulu underwear and socks. I was only a little warm during the five minute portions but chilled in the shade. I got to try out my new Yurbuds I bought at the Disney Tinkerbell Half Marathon Expo (my husband volunteered check in on Friday so I got to check it out). They stay much better in my ears and seem to keep out background noise (like leaf blowers) a little better than ipod earbuds. They were $30 + tax. I would have preferred a pink or purple pair but all they had was red in my size. I find the sound a little more bassy than the ipod version and it's not as crisp but you don't really notice that when there is a lot of background noise.

Photos: Deep Indigo Grooves, Inkblot and More

I really like how Aquamarine looks with Deep Indigo in the top photo. She is wearing an Aquamarine Cool Racerback, Inkblot print Arise bra, and Deep Indigo/Inkblot Groove pants.

The back of the Aquamarine LS Swiftly shown with Deep Indigo, I believe, Groove pants.

I'm pretty sure the Inkblot CRB is paired with Deep Indigo bottoms in both these photos. That is one thing holding me back from getting this top - I don't totally love how it looks against black bottoms.

I love the peep of Paris Pink against the Inkblot print Wunder Unders in this photo. I have a hard time envisioning what tops work with the patterned bottoms.

A bustier woman in the Push UR Limits tank. This is a flattering and functional tank.

Photos: Yin Me Pullover

Photo of the Deep Indigo Yin Me Pullover. I love the solid Deep Indigo side - the other side, not so much. Hmm, I did not realize this sweater had a dropped shoulder. I hate the feel of those on my upper arm.

Photos of the Aquamarine Yin Me Pullover. It's a bit see-through.