Monday, December 26, 2011

Photos of the Latest

lululemon back on track jacket and pig pink stay on course fleece running tights
lululemon back on track jacket and pig pink fleece stay on course running tights

lululemon pig pink stay on course fleece running tight with back on track jacket in coal shale stripe
The Pig Pink Stay On Course fleece tight looks really cute with the Coal Pig Shale Stride Back on Track jacket. The plaid pattern has lines of pig pink in it.

lululemon stay on course brushed luxtreme pullover
A rare photo of the black Stay On Course brushed luxtreme pullover. Lots of discussion online today as to whether this is a size down item or not. My store didn't get it so I wasn't able to try it on. However, after going through the photos it looks  like most people took their regular size. People are saying it's a few inches longer than the Ambition pullover.

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue
lululemon stay on course running pullover
Note the headband - it's a slipless.

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue close up view
Some more photos of the Stay on Course Pullover.

lululemon back on track tank in pigment blue stripe

lululemon back on track tank in silver spoon stripe
Photos of the Back on Track tank. I think the Silver Spoon striped one is the prettiest of them all. In the top photo, the bra portion has ridden up a bit, erasing her waist. This happened to me when I tried it on. I had to pull the tank into place.

lululemon back on track long sleeve running top in pigment blue
Noticeable shoulder poofs
lululemon back on track long sleeve top
Silverescent knit under arm panels
lululemon black back on track baselayer running top
Back on Track LS Photos

lululemon run response shorts
My husband was horrified at the $84 dollar price tag on the new silver Response shorts.

back on track pullover zipper detail

lululemon back on track pullover mid layer
Photo of the Pig Pink running luon Back on Track Pullover. My store didn't get this.

lululemon black back on track running jacket
 Back on Track Jacket in Black with the Pigment Back on Track skirt.

lululemon stay on course running jacket in pigment blue
The Pigment Stay On Course Jacket with the white Back on Track Skirt.

lululemon baby blue light as air mens short
Baby Blue Light as Air Shorts

lululemon mens kick tech shirt and sapphire blue response shorts
Baby Blue Kick Tech Shirt with Sapphire Shorts

Today's Shopping Trip - Insanity!

I thought I was transported to Canada today. For the first time ever, I had to wait in line (5+ deep) for a dressing room at lulu. Both stores I went to were packed. I've been shopping on December 26th at lulu for the past few years but this is the busiest I've seen the stores yet. I think today being a federal holiday didn't help things either. Both stores I went to had large markdown racks but nothing I was tempted to bust open my lulu gift card for, though many other people were.

lululemon deep coal silver spoon slub scuba hoodie
I almost bought myself this today. It's the Deep Coal Silver Spoon Slub Salt & Pepper Scuba which I was very surprised to see at my store. It looks super nice with black pants. I already have four Scubas and just bought myself the Tinted Canvas Scuba so I don't need another Scuba at all. The Salt and Pepper Scubas have a bit of a texture, definitely slub-like, and it seemed a little bit stiffer than regular scubas. The fit was true to size. I also liked the Pigment Blue version and if I didn't already have the Wish Blue Multi Poncho Striped Scuba I would have gotten that one.

lululemon back on track long sleeve baselayer: height=
I tried on the Back on Track LS in the pigment blue. It was ok but not nearly as nice a design as the Turn Around LS. The pleats at the shoulders make it poof up a tiny bit there. The fit is a body hugging true to size. The tag says it's body mapped with mesh but it's not. It's body mapped with silverescent knit, as you can see in the photo. The rest of the top is made from running luon.  I don't know what is up with lululemon's product information on the website but there are many errors in this latest upload.

lululemon back on track silver spoon tank
I also tried on the Back on Track tank. It was a super lightweight tank but the bra portion is not big enough to contain busty women. I was spilling out all over. The Run Your Heart Out tank is a much better option if you want to be sure the girls are secure and won't pop out of place. The RYHO also gives much better support. I'd say the Back on Track tank is well-suited for low impact activities such as hot yoga. If you want to run in a luxtreme/silverescent knit tank, get the Run Your Heart Out.

I also got to reacquaint myself with the Distance tech fleece pullover. It was warm, soft,  and seemed quite wind resistant.  It's a figure skimming true to size but you might want to size up if you are going to layer anything thicker than a swiftly ls underneath.

The Salt And Pepper Scubas and Infinity Scarves

I am soooo tempted to use my new lulu gift card on the pigment blue Salt and Pepper Scuba (deep coal pigment blue salt & pepper). (Note, this is hidden under "Scuba Central" on the US side of the website, buried at the end of the $108 Scubas.)

The deep coal silver spoon slub salt & pepper Scuba is very pretty, too. I love "textured" looking scubas.

The silver spoon pig pink slub salt & pepper Scuba is not nearly as pretty as the other two.

 I don't think I have posted a photo of the Black Back on Tack tank yet.

The Infinity scarves are new. I'm not a scar person but I know many of you are so you might like these.

I think everything else that was uploaded tonight we have seen before. The Loot was unspectacular so if I don't make it to my local stores tomorrow I'm not going to feel bad. I'm kind of excited by the hints of the new items so maybe I'll save my giftcards for that.

Hints of Upcoming Items!!! - Deep Breath, Tracker, Shorts, New Gym Bag, and More!

I'll get to some of the new stuff that was uploaded - the only thing tempting me was the Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper Scuba - but check out all the hints of new things to come:

(click to enlarge)
It looks like there will be an Energy bra coming in Wild Lime. Or, maybe this is a new gold color. Yay! I was hoping the Energy would be coming in Flash and Wild Lime. I definitely want at least one of those colors, if not both.

(click to Enlarge)
The Deep Breath is coming back and at least in Flash. I hope this is the luxtreme version of the Deep Breath tank because I liked that version better. However, I think they didn't sell as well as the luon light version.

The Tracker Shorts are coming back. I initially thought these might be Paris Pink but they look too dark to me. I have a Flow Y in Neon Pink that looks a lot like this color.

The Pigment and white striped No Limit is in Australia. I'm not sure if the crops are new, too.

New retro-lulu looking gym bag called the Daily Gym Bag. The colors are new, too. A minty looking green and a dark navy. I just noticed the Define Jacket she is wearing is new, too.

 More photos of that upcoming Define jacket. The pattern seems to match the Wunder Unders in the No Limit photo - more pique luon.

(click to enlarge)
This photo was in the pants section but the top is new - a bold Pigment and White striped print in maybe a Cool Racerback.

(click to enlarge)
 There is also a new scalloped-edged headband coming called the Swiftly headband.