Friday, December 23, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

lululemon power y yoga top
I was able to sneak in a trip to the Fashion Island Lululemon today. My husband decided he wanted to do a 15+ mile run/walk this morning in preparation for his Surf City half marathon in February. He decided to run on the Mountains to the Sea trail which runs from Anaheim Hills to Newport Beach. He picked the trail up in Tustin Ranch and then I met him at Fashion Island in Newport Beach after my spin class. The mall was less busy than I thought it would be given it's two days before Christmas. My parents gave us money for Christmas to buy our own gifts so I bought the Tinted Canvas Power Y. This one doesn't have any lulu symbols in embarrassing places. I was just at lulu the other day so there wasn't much new to see except the Heathered Pigment Blue (HPB) extra long Cool Racerback:

lululemon heathered pigment blue cool racerback tank
Heathered Pigment Blue
The Heathered Pigment looked like a dead ringer for static Wish Blue:

lululemon static wish blue cool racerback yoga tank
Static Wish
I don't think the HPB CRB is as soft as the static wish but if you already have a static wish CRB there is no reason for you to get the HPB. As I was checking out I asked the girl if they are going to have new stuff out on the 26th and she said they were.

I got to see a couple of new items for the men:

lululemon mens west coast hoodie baby blue stripes

lululemon west coast hoodie

They had a really cute West Coast hoodie in baby blue stripes. I wouldn't mind this pattern for myself.  My oldest son would probably like this pattern, too, but he's a bit small to fit into the mens line yet. I also don't feel like worrying weather his $110+ hoodie is going to get stolen at school.

lululemon mens west coast hoodie heathered baby blue
They also had a heathered baby blue West Coast hoodie. 

The ladies markdown section was a decent size at the store so they hadn't shipped stuff out to the outlet yet.

We also wandered around the mall and I finally got to check out the Athleta store. The store is at the total opposite end of the mall and I never go down that way. It was a huge store but fairly empty of shoppers. I've ordered stuff from Athleta before but wasn't that impressed with the fit or the durability. I had ordered a tank with a built in underwire bra and the wire in the bra poked through after a few washings. I like the Pink Lotus stuff Athleta carries but none of that was on markdown.

The Latest - Heathered Black Back on Track Pullover, Pigment Blue and White Stripe No Limit, and More

lululemon back on track running pullover
lululemon back on track running pullover
The Back on Track Pullover in Heathered Black. 

From what I am reading the stores are supposed to be having lots of new stuff on December 26th. Based on my product alert emails I'd say it will be all the new pullovers - Back on Track PO, Back on Track LS,  Distance PO, Back on Track Jacket, and the pigment blue and white striped stuff. Here are some photos of the upcoming arrivals:

lululemon pigment blue stripe no limit yoga tank
lululemon pigment blue no limit tank
A new New Limit tank in Pigment Blue and White stripe. With all the blue and white stripe, I wonder if we will see white luon bottoms this spring and summer. It would make sense. I don't think I've seen white Grooves and crops for at least a couple of years.

lululemon flash swiftly tech short sleeve tee
New Swiftly SS in Flash. I'm not sure whether the Flash and Wild Lime stuff will be in North America on the 26th but if not, they'll be here soon.

NEW! Apres Run Anorak

Coming soon - the Apres Run Anorak in Ghost Deep Coal Wee Stripe. The video was spotted on the lulu website in the wrong location. (Thanks to Angela for the heads up)