Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paris Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

The Paris Run: Your Heart out sure is cute, the ruffles notwithstanding. It's arriving in stores now.

More Will Pant Photos

This girl is rockin' the new Will Pants. There seems to be lots of excitement about these.

NEW!! Color Flash (Or Old Color Flush?)

So, I can't tell if this is a new color called Flash or an old color called Flush. There was lots of confusion on the name the last time Flush was released. Some stores were calling it Flesh or Flash so time will tell. It certainly looks like Flush:

Push UR Limits in Flush
But maybe it's a little more neon. Either way, it's a pretty new color.

My Universe Is Not Making Sense - My Husband Went Back For a Second Pair Today

I thought my husband was out returning bottles with the kids this morning when I got a text from him saying he'd bought a second pair of the Work to Play Pant IIs. My husband venturing by himself into a lulu store? To shop for himself?  My universe has stopped making sense. I confess I am a little weirded out his new love of pricey clothes. This isn't the same guy I married who likes to hunt for markdowns at TJ Maxx. As long as he doesn't start shopping for sports cars and sending me flowers for no reason everything should be ok, but I'm a little freaked out. I need to mentally realign a little - I am used to being the sole lulu enthusiast in this family.