Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Product Notice Goodies - New Will Pant and a Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover

lululemon will pant
lululemon will pant in black
lululemon will pant black back view
New Will pant, a hybrid Wunder Under and Still. (Yeah, I know - WTF) It comes in Black Pique, Heathered Deep Coal, Black, Black Deep Coal Slub Denim, sizes 2-10. Those wouldn't be two pants I'd mix together. WUs are tight leggings and Stills are loose lounging pants. Anyway, I'll be curious to see them in a store and try them on.

  • Meet Will. Half wunder under, half still - this pant has the best of both worlds
  • Our signature cotton-feel luon® fabric is breathable & has 4-way stretch that moves with you
  • Medium rise, snug fit, ankle length
  • Front pockets for storage of $ & keys
  • Roll-down waistband is not only comfortable, but customizable
  • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
lululemon chai time pullover in pigment blue
Also, there is a new Chai Time Pullover in Pigment Blue. Of course lulu doesn't have a photo of the much better looking solid Pigment side.

Spotted in Stores - Lined Dance Studio Pants

lululemon dance studio pants lined
Lined Dance Studio Pants were spotted in a US store today. They are available in black and coal. (Thanks to Jessica for the heads up)

Photos of the Latest

lululemon tinted canvas print scuba hoodie jacket
This is a super pretty print distribution of the Tinted Canvas print Scuba. I have been wearing mine all the time since I received it last week. I'm so glad I splurged and got it.

lululemon stay on course tank
lululemon stay on course tank back view
I am just not loving the Stay On Course tank at all. It frankly strikes me as an older woman's top and I'm probably in the age group it was aimed at. I am planning to go to the store tomorrow so I hope to try it on and give you a fit review.

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerback tank
I was thinking I could live without a Cool Racerback in Tinted Canvas but the more photos I see of it, the more I want one. Dang! (Shown with the new Run: For It Crops.)

lululemon run: for it crop
lululemon run:for it crop
Some good photos of the new knee length Run: For It Crops. I love the shorter length on these. I am always hiking up my crops in spin class to my knee.

lululemon paris pink dip dye scuba hoodie

Photos - Reflection Wrap

The Reflection Wrap looks so cute in these photos it almost makes me want to get one. The price tag is a major hurdle, though. These babies rarely hit markdown so I think I am out of luck when it comes to scoring one for less than $138. (Blurred Gray Reflection Wrap, Tinted Canvas CRB, Black Dressage pants)

Tinted Canvas No Limit is in the US

lululemon no limit tank
lululemon no limit tank tinted canvas print
The White Coal Tinted Canvas Super print No Limit Tank has arrived in the US. I think I like the print No Limits and the solid colored versions the best. Hmm, do I want another No Limit? I have was up to three of them but now am down to just one in solid Flush but I really like this one. I'll have to give it a try. Dang, no sizes were given in my PN email so I don't know if this goes to a 12 or just a 10.

The Latest - Lively Tee, Pink Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon lively crew neck tee black and white microstripe
As a recent convert to Lively Crewneck tees I was giving the new Black and White Microstripe one a once over in the store. I definitely like the patterned ones much better than the plain. I like the accent stitching on this one, too. I am a fan of the B&W microstripe print anyway. The new CRB in this pattern was calling to me the other day, too.

lululemon tinted canvas print speed short
Tinted Canvas print speeds with a Dark Classic Sport Gray Swiftly top. That's how to look good when running.

lululemon paris pink wunder under pants
What to pair with the colored WUs? That is the question. Here is one combo - the No Limit tank in Coal/Paris Pink microstripe.

lululemon paris pink speed shorts and black macro micro stripe cool racerback tank
Paris Pink Speed Shorts paired with the black macro micro CRB.

lululemon coal bold stripe scuba hoodie
 On the right person, the bold striped scubas work.

lululemon rehearsal long sleeve shirt
The Rehearsal long sleeve is back. This is heathered coal.

Photos: Stay on Course Tank, Run: For It Crops, Men's Polar Opposite Jacket and More

lululemon stay on course tank and Run: for it crops
New Stay on Course Tank paired with Run: For It Crops.

lululemon run for it crops
Another photo of the new Run: For It Crops

lululemon plum wunder under pants

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerback and paris pink wunder under pants
The new colored Wunder Unders in Plum and Paris Pink in action. They are paired with the Tinted Canvas CRB. I like the choice of this muted CRB paired with the Paris WUs.

lululemon dressage pant
One of the best photos I have seen of the new Dressage pant.

lululemon run your heart out tank in tinted canvas print and gray
Run: Your Heart Out tank in Tinted Canvas. It's showing up in a bunch of my product notice emails so I think it will hit my local stores this week.

lululemon reflection wrap
lululemon reflection wrap in black

lululemon reflection wrap
Reflection Wrap Photos.

lululemon men's polar opposite jacket
New Men's Polar Opposite Jacket, lined with Sherpa fleece. This looks like a purely to and fro jacket for men. What do you think? Would the men in your life like this? Not sure I like the sheen on it. I'm sure the price is insanely high.

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerkback tank
White Coal Tinted Canvas Super shown with the Recognition Pant.

lululemon dance studio jacket
The Dance Studio Jacket is back in Black and Coal. Shown with the Recognition Pant.

lululemon bonded seam wunder under pant
Photo showing the bonded seem in the new Wunder Unders.

Tinted Canvas Run: For It Crops

Ooh, I am liking the racing stripes on these Run: For It Crops. Sizes 2-10.

Update: A few more photos: