Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Reflection Wrap, Recognition Pant, Kung Fu, and More

I'm a sucker for photos of impressive poses. This is a new Kung Fu Jacket and Kung Fu Pants. It's hard to see but the stripe down the arm is gray herringbone. My husband is contemplating getting a pair of lululemon pants. The Kung Fus seem to get good reviews on the website.

The new Gathered Wunder Under pants were uploaded this morning. I'm new to my love of Wunder Under but I'd really like lulu to come out with Wunder Under pants with the Groove waistband again. I heard they were out a few years ago. I love my Groove Wunder Unders.

The Tinted Canvas CRB with a Paris Energy bra and Heathered Coal Recognition Pants.

Hot N Sweaty Bra in Paris and new Heathered Coal Recognition Pants.

The new Reflection Wrap shown with Recognition Wrap. I think I can find a similar looking wrap for less money elsewhere.

Photo - Reflective Run: Around Shorts

The new Run: Around Shorts that were just uploaded this morning have a reflective cousin. Cute!

Update - A reader tells me that this is the opposite side of the black shorts not a different version. It's weird that lulu didn't put  a photo of these on the website to show what the opposite looks like.

NEW! Coal Tinted Canvas Speed Shorts

Man, lulu comes out with the cutest running shorts. I know lots of ladies like to buy print shorts to stand out from the crowd and these are super pretty. Love.

New!! Run: Your Heart Out Tank in Tinted Canvas

Squeee! I might have just found the color/print to make me try the new Run: Your Heart Out tank.  I liked the tank but the colors it came in didn't compel me to buy it. I also dislike the visible seams ont the bust but the print obscures those. This version makes me think I might want to finally pull the trigger on this. I have Citron Tinted Canvas tanks in the CRB, Scoop, and Eagle. I was mentally balking at getting another CRB in the Coal Tinted Canvas since the prints are so similar. I might still get one in the Power Y but all of the tank I already own are Tinted Canvas all over, whereas this tank is only half Tinted Canvas. Hmm, I think I have convinced myself to get this. This photo is from a US showroom that typically gets things in the week before my own store gets it. Maybe it will be in Thursday's upload.

What's Going on with the Paris Pink Run: For It Pullover?

These photos are of the Paris Pink Run: For It Pullover. They are two different RFIs that people received in the mail. Speculation is that it's some sort of self-bleeding. I know that some of the things I have received from lulu in the mail seem almost moist when they come out of the bag so I wonder whether high humidity could cause this seeing Paris is a known bleeder. The GEC told one of the ladies that it could results from folding. Any fabric/dye whizzes have a clue?  Update - the woman with the larger stain just reported that she spritzed this with Spray N Wash and washed it and the stain is now gone - yay!

PS - I remember a lot of people complaining this summer about one of the markdown wraps (Method, Savasana) that came with a mildewy/moldy smell. I wonder if the warehouse has humidity issues.

Have You Had Trouble With On-Line Returns to Your Local Store or Showroom?

Many of you have written in to say you have had trouble returning items you have ordered on line to your local store or showroom. Please feel free to post your stories here and I will post them. It's anonymous so name the store location. I've been happy with my local stores in Orange County/Los Angeles but this is an area with a lot of competition and wealthy people so I think stores and the people who work in retail try to keep consumers happy. I know that isn't the case in other areas of the country I've lived in.

Lulu Outfits

I posted these because I really like how well the Scoop Neck and Wunder Unders go together in these photos (and the poses are really cool). I admit I am a little stumped as to their exact colors.

I think it might be this one - a Heathered Deep Coal/ Coal Wee Stripe. I have a store photo of it, too:
It came out in October so I'm thinking it's probably not in stores unless on the markdown rack.

One of the problems with buying colored bottoms is finding a top to wear with it. Here is a white tank shown with the pigment blue bonded WUs.

Today's Upload - Lots of New Things

A few never before things were uploaded this morning. I'll start with the item I'd be most likely to order, the new Run: Stay on Course tank. It's a luxtreme shelf-less tank. If I'm wearing luxtreme it's because I plan to sweat a lot so my personal preference is to expose more skin for cooling. I like tanks that are a little more open at the neck and back but I know a lot of women who appreciate the extra coverage. All in all, it's a cute tank but not one I'll think I'll be buying. I might change my mind once I try it on at the store but for now my wallet is safe.

The Paris Pink Energy bra was uploaded this morning. However, I have read several people complaining that theirs bled dye when they wore them. I just want you to know that you may have to pre-soak or pre-wash several times before it stops.

The SE Fur Scuba is kind of cute but I don't think $198 cute. For $50 less I'd rather get the plain black one. It looks like the cuffs have a sort of gauntlet that you button off to remove the fur accent. A lot of lulu jacket pile up layers at the wrist which I don't care for.

I really like the new Reflection Wrap. It's nice and plain and covers the rear a bit. I don't understand why lulu can't make the wraps up to size 12. I guess they think the twelves can safely size down in these but the arms on the wrap always tend to be snug.

So it looks like there are two flavors of Pigment Blue Wunder Under Crops. Regular WUs at $68 and a Bonded pair at $86 that reverse to black. Bonding isn't a technology that really appeals to me. I've taken seven mile walks wearing lulu and never had a chafing issue. I think lulu's flat seaming is pretty good and it never gives me a problem. Is bonding something you guys really appreciate or can you live without it?

My advice is that if you are at all interested in the colored Wunder Unders in Paris, Pigment, or Plum you'd better get them now. The colors tend to sell quickly.

The only thing I might be interested in is the macro micro Power Y but I know it's at my local stores right now. I also think I might want one the new Tinted Canvas print tanks but those were not uploaded this morning. Maybe they are coming Thursday.

My wallet is safe this morning. What did you all order?


I just turned the computer on but wanted to let you know lots of new stuff is on the website. I haven't gone through it yet but will post later. This new Scuba is $198 - Eeee!

Hey Lulu - You're Welcome!!!

Well, well, well. Lookee here. Lulu put photos of the reverse side of the Chai Time Pullovers on the website after I blogged about it on Saturday. You know, lulu, I can be a remote beta tester for your website for fairly cheap rates. I'll give you another freebie tonight, though - when you click on the little photo of the paris pink chai time, a large photo of her shoulder comes up. Now go do some tweaking. (Thanks to Sharon for spotting the update.)