Monday, December 12, 2011

The Latest - Macro Micro Power Y, Paris Hot N Sweaty Bra, and More

My local store just posted this - the new Black Macro Micro Stripe Power Y. I didn't think I needed this since I already have the CRB in this print but this girl makes the Power Y look pretty cute. Dang!

A new Hot N Sweaty bra in Paris Pink is also arriving at US Stores.

A great photo of the three new colored Wunder Unders - Pigment Blue, Plum, and Paris. The Pigment reverse to black but the other two "reverse" to their own color. Kind of how WUs already reverse.

The Latest - Plum & Pink Wunder Unders and More

Plum and Paris Pink Wunder Under Pants. I really like the Plum ones.

Paris Dip Dye Fur SE Scuba hoodie and Paris Pink Wunder Under Pants.

Matching a plum tank (Active Strength) with the plum Wunder Unders. 

More Paris Dip Dye photos. I'm thinking the embroidery should say "You are crazy. I'm a $148 cotton hoodie." (I'm kidding a little. I think it's a cute hoodie and am debating about the black fur one for myself.)

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to my local store to return something and to see if I could find my husband a pair of Run: Response shorts in Rugged Blue but had no luck. Out of the entire state, only two stores in Northern California have the shorts in this color in his size. Luckily I have a friend who lives up that way and was able to get them for me (a big thanks to Ms. R!!!). It seems non-gray/black Response shorts are super popular.  Anyway, last week I blogged about a new pair of Run: Response shorts in Heathered Coal (the color is actually Heathered Dark Slate) and I saw them today. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere (not even in the website description) but these Responses are not made of the Swift fabric but of Luxtreme. They are actually a Special Edition version, as you can see in the tag above. I wanted to let you know in case any of you decide to order them.

I got to try on the new Back on Track SS tech shirt. I thought it was a nice shirt. For some reason lulu likes to make these shirts with a very open neckline so the straps of my Champion Powerback bra showed down the sides of the scoop neck. The shirt fit TTS, maybe a bit on the snugger side. It was definitely not loose. It was very snug across my chest and I am spot on on the lulu size chart in that area for size 12.

I was also able to try on the Stay On Course Jacket. It's a nice jacket, rather plain, but it seems functional for an outer wind-cutting layer. I tried it on over a CRB and the feel wasn't super soft against my skin but I assume you'd use this over a long sleeve top anyway. The only thing I think is missing from this jacket is a zippered phone pocket on the back. I use a back pocket all the time in my pullovers and one run jacket when I wear them for long walks. I hate being lopsided and having to choose a front pocket for my phone. I thought the jacket fit True To Size.

Furry Paris Scuba Photos

A couple of photos of the Paris Pink Dip Dye Fur Scuba. I think it's kind of fun. The website says it's a Paris Pink - Black dip dye but the bottom portion doesn't look that black to me on the website:

Shown against black pants, I'd venture to guess the bottom of the jacket is more like Black Swan. I'm trying to remember if I saw this jacket in the store today or yesterday. I'll have to remember to take a close look the next time I go.

The Tinted Canvas Scuba looks so washed out in this photo. I think it's prettier in person. I tore the tags off mine this morning and wore it.

NEW! Coal Tinted Canvas Print Cool Racerback and Scoop Neck Tanks

New Scoop Neck and Cool Racerback tanks in the Coal Tinted Canvas print have hit the US. I had thought I wanted a CRB in this print but the Scoop Neck looks really pretty in the top photo. I might forgo them altogether, though, since I bought a CRB and Scoop in the Citron Tinted Canvas. I'll have to try them on and see whether I really need more Tinted Canvas.

NEW! Wunder Under Colors - Plum and Paris Pink

New Wunder Under Pants in Plum and Paris Pink.  (Also, new tanks in the Tinted Canvas print) FYI - They "reverse" to the same color.