Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip & Photos of New Stuff (Tinted Canvas No Limit/Macro Micro Power Y!)

lululemon back on track running skirt glacier lace print black
Today I not only visited a couple of stores but I did the free yoga classes for the first time ever.  I liked the class but I need to take some more beginner classes.  I met a couple of friends we visited the stores in Glendale and Pasadena. There wasn't too much brand new stuff to see but I did spot this version of the Back on Track skirt that I hadn't seen before. It has the glacier lace pattern in the middle. I'm sorry for such a washed out photo. I'm sure better ones will turn up this week.

lululemon special edition fur scuba hoodie
I got to try on the black SE fur Scuba and LOVE it!! The Scuba is a roomy true to size fit. My only very small nit is that the fur sheds a tiny bit over the scuba but I still love the fur accent. Nothing like (faux)fur to feel glam. The fur zips off and the teeth of the zipper are nicely hidden by a lip on the hood so you don't even know they are there. I only wish it wasn't solid black.

lululemon black slub denim define jacket
I tried on the Black Slub Denim Define and found it a roomy true to size. This denim is a bit softer than previous luon denims. It's not nearly as scratchy and didn't run as snug as my Wren Denim Define and other denim luons I have tried. I liked it but there are a bunch of other things ahead of it on my wish list. Since I have the Black Heathered Coal Soft Mini Check Define representing for black in my wardrobe I can live without the slub denim. However, if you have been wanting a black Define but find the solid black luon too dull, check out the slub denim version.

lululemon paris pink run turn around ls top
lululemon pure balance jacket
I got see the Paris Pink Turn Around LS and Pure Balance Jacket in person and they are freakin' A bright. Like highlighter pink bright. If you want to be noticed, you need these tops.

lululemon power y black macro micro
New to US stores, a Power Y in the Black Macro Micro stripe. I love my Macro Micro CRB but not sure if I also need to Power Y in this print. I reserve the right to change my mind when I try it on, though.

lululemon no limit tank tinted canvas print
Spotted in Australia - a new No Limit in the Tinted Canvas print (thanks to Ms. E.).