Friday, December 2, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

Denim Black Dance Fitness Pant
Regular Black Dance Fitness Pant
I tried on the Dance Fitness pant today and they were a major fail. I actually kind of liked the waistband but the pockets muck it up. There was way too much fabric at the bottom and it bells out a LOT. I thought the width at the bottom made me look shorter than my 5'5". You need long (thin) legs to carry these off. One interesting thing was that the material was a sort of black denim although the tag read BLACK. It was the stretchiest, softest denim luon I have ever tried on so I wonder if they have a new formula for denim. I'm pretty sure all my product alert emails said these pants just came in black and never mentioned black denim. Does anyone know if there are two flavors of these pants? Aha - found photos proving there are two flavors of the Dance Fitness pant - regular black luon and black denim luon.

It's too bad the legs bell out so widely at the bottom because the waistband seaming and vertical seaming down the outside of the leg is very cute. If these were done with the Groove or Astro pant type leg-width they'd be a win.

I also didn't care for the panel down the side of the leg. That, combined with the pockets made for a busy looking pant at the hip in the front.

I also bought the new Black Macro Micro Stripe Cool Racerback. The material in the CRB felt very soft and stretchy. The size was TTS to solid colored CRBs. I think this is a tank that looks a lot better in person than in photos. Also, you should try to arrange the stripes so they are horizontal, not bowed like they are in the web model shot. I am debating whether to keep the tags on this for a while to see if I'd prefer a Power Y or a Scoop Neck in this pattern, if they come out.

Photos - Paris Pink Turn Around LS

Reader Nicole sent in some photos of the new Turn Around long sleeve in Paris Pink. She says they fit similar to the other Turn Arounds and that the pink looks brighter than in these photos but is not as bright as the Paris Swiftlys.

NEW! Paris Pink Run Your Heart Out Tank

New Run: Your Heart Out Tank in Paris and Heathered Blurred Gray. Dang! If it was only solid Paris I'd probably get it.

NEW! Back on Track Skirt

New 2-way stretch Back on Track Skirt. It's $68 (thanks to Jodi for the photos and price info).