Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos of the Latest

Real life "hamburglar" Scuba photo. It's very striking. Definitely fun.

Pink and gray is pretty together. I wish this combo was coming in another tank since I don't wear the No Limits very much.

New Groove crops coming in the the White Coal Tinted Canvas Super Print.

Paris Cross My Heart Bra underneath a a black CRB.

Two More Dance Fitness Pant Photos

I read on my boards that the Paris Pink Run: Turn Around LS has been spotted in stores. As soon as I have photos I will post. Years back there was a Hills Pullover in Pow Pink. Do any of you recall or buy one and have trouble with the color bleeding at all? As far as I know the only lulu fabrics that bleed are luxtreme and swiftly knit. I don't think running luon or regular luon bleed but I could be wrong.

Lulu Clothes in Action - The Cutest Series of Photos

The Keystone store in Indianapolis has the one of the best series of photos of Lulu clothes in action I've seen in a while. I thought I'd share a few with you but I encourage you to check the whole set out. These are Hot N Sweaty tanks paired with what look like Wunder Unders and a pair of Groove pants.

No Limit tanks in action with Wunder Unders and Groove Pants. I like how the waistband echos the bra color although the No Limit is so long you wouldn't normally see it.

I know I wrote in an earlier post that the more photos I see of the new Dance Fitness pant the less I like them but this group of photos makes me want to check them out again. I love that top photo.

Photos: Dance Fitness Pant, Glacier Lace Cabin, and Chili Red

The more I see the photos, the less I like the new Dance Fitness pant. The leg is just too wide.

A real life photo of the Glacier Lace Cabin LS.

Men's Deep Cove Hoodie in what was labeled Heathered Pepper Red but might actually be Chili Red. I hope this is a color that will be coming to the women's side, too. The men got Currant before we did and that has been a huge success on the women's side.

 Oh yes, nearly forgot - Studio Pants (unlined) are arriving in the stores. I'll update when I get more info on colors.  My latest PN says they are coming in Coal and Black.

OOTD: Coal Tinted Canvas Lively Tee, Black Pure Balance Jacket, Still Pants

I was mentally struggling a little trying to figure out which jacket to wear with my new White Coal Tinted Canvas Print Lively Tee. I have one Coal Jacket but it's the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Define and the business-like wee stripes don't go with the abstract print. I also tried my Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Define but that was too much pattern, texture, and print mixed together. I have a couple of Remix Light hoodies that went color-wise but they are too casual. I was hoping my Black Pure Balance Jacket went well with the White Coal Tinted Canvas Print and I think it does. I especially like how the gathers of the black sheer luon in the jacket echo the print in the tee and it all looks very feminine.  I tried both Coal and Black bottoms with this shirt. Coal bottoms look fantastic with this print but I went with black Stills to tie into the jacket. I am definitely getting this print in a CRB.

Lulu Stock Down but Revenue and Profit Up

Hmm, Lulu stock is down but the revenue and profits are up. Analysts predicted higher sales than lulu delivered. Honestly, I think most analysts are asshats who need to actually try the products before they pump them. I remember when Krispy Kreme was the hot thing but if you ever ate their donuts you'd know they weren't that great. They were also a one item type of store. Not a lot of growth potential there. I think a lot of lulu's growth has been due to expansion (Christine Day's/Starbuck's specialty) but if they deliver cute designs and great fit, keep quality and customer satisfaction up, and don't become ubiquitous (and keep their products upscale - out of Costco/TJ Maxx) they should be able to be popular for a long while. I think they have potential to become the Coach of women's active wear.

The best part of this article: "Ms. Day said inventory levels, which have not been able to keep up with high demand in the past, will be at normal levels in the fourth quarter, potentially leading to a higher level of price discounting at the end of the season to clear excess merchandise." I'm looking forward to getting some great deals.

Check It Out: Washing Instructions Specifically for Paris Pink Items

Check it out - the website has specific instructions when it comes to washing Paris Pink. Lulu might as well admit it it - the color bleeds. I have a pair of Pow Pink Technikini Mesh underwear that I have to treat like this. When I hang it dry, it has to not touch any other item otherwise it will transfer color to lighter things. It hasn't faded, though, from what I can tell. (Thanks to Cindy for spotting this!)

taking care of paris pink

Parisian's, stereotypically, are a little bit more high-maintenance than the rest of us. To keep your Paris Pink coloured gear happy, we suggest that you:
  • wash your Paris Pinks before you wear them
  • wash Paris Pink garments separately the first time you wash them
  • only wash Paris Pink gear in cold water, with similar colours
  • keep wet Paris Pink clothes away from other fabrics

Today's Upload and Rumors From Birdies

There were a few surprises in the upload today. The Glacier Lace Cabin Longsleeve was one although a reader commented that they had learned of this in their store product notice email. None of the stores I subscribed to had this in it, though. It's way too much print for me to wear in a long sleeve version in stark black and white.

A new Scuba was uploaded today - the Heathered Blurred Gray Paris Pink Microstripe. I'm not a fan of the microstripe Scubas (it seems other people don't love them that much either - a lot seem to be turning up in We Made Too Much) but the Paris contrast stitching and zipper make this one kind of fun.

I always forget to check what Canada got that was different from the US. Canada got this little gem of a Scuba. Someone on the design staff has a Hamburglar fixation.

Reader Becky reminds me that Beetlejuice also had a black and white stripe look. Maybe this was the inspiration.  ;-)

 I just spotted this new Define. It's cute but I can't take the stress of owning a white jacket.

I love the larger photos on the website, we can finally get a good look at the embossed Glacier Lace Power Y print. I saw this in the store the other day and wasn't impressed. The embossing is much too subtle these days. It used to have a sheen to it but now it just looks like some sort of dirt pattern on the material - boo!

Did you all buy anything today? I did not since I got everything I want for now on my trip to the store on Tuesday.

I forgot to write in my store trip report the other day I saw the Pigment Blue bonded CRB. Pigment Blue reminds me a lot of Bold Blue or Wish Blue. It is very similar. I wasn't impressed by the look of the bonding in person. One side has what looks like black electrical tape down the side and the other is plain, which is the best look but I can't see why they just don't stitch it.

"Vintage" lulu  - Circle Mesh CRB in Pig Pink

Rumors: Reader Alex wrote in to tell me that she heard of a couple of new Paris Pink items coming out: A Paris Run: Your Heart Out Pullover, a new pique longsleeve top in Paris (a new Turn Around LS-type top?), and she also confirmed that Paris Wunder Unders are coming. She also writes in to say that Pig Pink will be coming soon. In light of the men's new Limelight color and the Pigment blue CRB, it looks like the upcoming color palette will be similar to last summer: Pig, Wish Blue, and Citron.