Monday, November 28, 2011

The Latest - SE Wunder Unders, Paris Pin Swiftly and More

A detail photo on the new Special Edition Wunder Under pants that were uploaded late last night. They're kind of odd, IMO.

The Special Edition Ruffle Wunder Under crops are much cuter than the quilted. I wish the SE came in the Groove Wunder Unders. They have become my new favorite crops.

I'll admit I don't know exactly what pattern this is in these new Inspire Crops. I think it might be Glacier Lace but I'm not absolutely sure.

New Paris Pink Swiftlies have hit North America in both the long sleeve and short sleeve versions. I want to warn you that the Pow Pink Swiftlies bled a lot so buyer beware.

Lively Tees in the new Glacer Lace and Coal Tinted Canvas Prints.

Photos - Sparkle & SE Cuddle Ups, New Gray Gratitude Wrap

Note the Paris Pink Dance Headband - you will be mine!

Photos of new Sparkle Cuddle Ups in Heathered Paris Pink and Heathered Blurred Gray. I prefer the Scubas over the Cuddle Ups.

New Gratitude Wrap has hit stores in Canada. This is Heathered Gray.

Some photos showing the detail on the new Limited Edition $198 Cuddle Ups that were released late last night. It's super pretty. I'd rather buy other things for the $200+ it costs but I still think it's a pretty jacket.

NEW Tank & Bra Colors - Black Macro Stripe CRB, Glacier Lace Scoop Neck, and More

New CRB in Black Black Macro Micro Stripe. Thanks to Jaime for the close up of the pattern.I'm pretty sure this is going to make my chest look huge but I'll definitely give it a try when it hits my local stores.

I got my new Glacier Lace and Heathered Paris Pink CRBs in the mail today. I like the Glacier Lace CRB a lot but am not so sure about the Heathered PP. It's very bright and a bit out of my comfort zone. I am liking the reverse side a little more since it has more white in the pattern and thus more muted. The photo above is the what it looks like when turned inside out.

New Scoop Neck tank in the Glacier Lace print. I like the Glacier lace print but am not sure which tanks to get in it. It is coming in the CRB, Power Y, and Scoop Neck. I am glad the Christmas extended return period has kicked in. I don't have to make a decision until January 8th.

Glacier Lace Power Y
New Run: Your Heart Out Tank in Currant. I am dying to try this on in the store. I am hoping to make a trip tomorrow.

New Energy Bra in the Coal Tinted Canvas print. I think I might get this Energy instead of one in Paris Pink since that one is bleeding over people's clothes. It will look cute peeking underneath my black and coal tops.

NEW Stride Jackets - Glacier Lace and Tinted Canvas Prints

There are two new Stride jackets out in Black White Coal Tinted Canvas and White Black Glacier Lace.

 This looks super sharp with the matching Glacier Lace tank underneath.

Some photos showing the print inset at the cuffs. I don't have any more photos of the Tinted Canvas Print stride yet.

NEW! Run: Insulator Pullover & Turn Around Jacket

New 650 goose down filled Run: Insulator Pullover. It has running luon panels. It comes in Heathered Blurred Gray and White and Black with Heathered Black, sizes 4-12. I believe the price is $158 for the pullover.

The new Run: Turn Around Jacket is reversible and also 650 goose down fill. It has running luon panels, too. The outer layer is ripstop and water repellant. It's shown with new Inspire crops in this photo. It comes in Black and Gray Houndstooth, Black Swan and Gray Houndstooth, White and Gray Houndstooth, sizes 4-12.

As soon as I have more info on prices I will post.

Glacier Lace Power Y and More of the Latest Hitting Stores this Week

Since I was away in Oregon all last week I had a friend pick me up the new Glacier Lace and Heathered Paris Pink CRBs. They hit showrooms in the US at the end of last week so I expect they will arrive in stores this week. (Oh yes, some Paris Pink items have been reported to be bleeding so be sure to wash any PP you get ahead of time or not wear it paired with a lighter colored bra, jacket, or top. For some reason, lulu has problems with making bright pinks that don't bleed. Pow Pink Swiftlies were notorious bleeders.)

Heathered Smokey Rose and Heathered Paris Pink CRBs side by side.

I think I might have to add the Glacier Lace Power Y to my wish list, too. I like CRBs more for casual wear and to layer under pullovers but I like Power Ys for the gym. It's not the first time I have owned the same print in multiple styles.

The Elevation Space Dye Power Y hit US Showrooms late last week so I think they'll hit my local stores this week. This is also on my wish list.

The Heathered Paris Pink Define looks so cute with the Elevation Space Dye Power Y underneath.

Check it out - a Still Groovy bag in Deep Coal Creekside Camo print. I wonder if we will see tanks or shorts in this print. The Destined for Greatness Duffel and Travel Pooch were uploaded in this print tonight.

Some detailed photos of the Cross My Heart Tank.

I wonder if the Hot N Sweaty tank looks best on more endowed ladies. I've read comments that it's baggy in the chest.