Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photos: City to Yoga Jacket, Yoga Cozy Pullover, Elevation Space Dye Flow Y and More

New City to Yoga Jacket, made of luon. All I've got to say is thanks, Lulu, you've saved me $128 or whatever you are charging for this.

I really like the look of the Yoga Cozy Pullover. I also have a fatal attraction to lulu dip dye stuff. Glad my size is already sold out on the website.

New waistband on Boogie shorts. I think the pink block is heathered Paris pink but what is the black block next to it?

Photos of the new Run: Your Heart Out Crops. Do you guys like the holster pockets? My sister isn't a big fan. She feels they add bulk to an area she prefer not to add bulk to.

Love the Flow Y peeping out of the Smokey Rose CRB
Australia got the Flow Y in the Elevation Space Dye pattern. These stripes are fun but would I get a Power Y in this print? Who am I kidding, of course I would.

Love the rich color and texture of the new plum black swan pique Define. My only issue is how much of my closet would coordinate with this?

Photos: Run Your Heart Out Pullover

When I see this pullover modeled on a mannequin without a context of age, I think these tops look like they are more suited for the Ivivva children's line rather than adult women. The ruffles and pleats make this top seem young.  (Oooh, I just popped over to Ivivva to see what their pullovers look like and they also have a Run Your Heart Out Pullover. Theirs looks more suited to adults than this one.)

However, modeled on actual women, this pullover isn't bad. I think the ruffles and pleats get lost in the noise of the stripes:

The running looks smooth in this photo as opposed to the textured running luon of the new Run: Turn Around LS tops. 

NEW! Run: Your Heart Out Tank

Persian Purple
Heathered Blurred Gray and White

Thanks to Megan for this photo

Not in North America yet but hopefully coming soon. It's the new Run: Your Heart Out Tank. Oooh, when I first saw this photo I thought the bottom was sheer luon and it was yet another tweaking of the Power Dance tank but reading the details below it's Silverescent. Count me in!!! It's like a more supportive version of the Run: For Your Life tank that I love. It also has an adjustable bra - yay! I wonder if this will also be $64 like the RFYL. It it a more integrated tank so I hope it's a bit less. I hope it's coming in red.

Product Info:

  • It's just you and the road in this body skimmng, mid-to-high support tank
  • Knitted silverescent® fabric with x-static® for anti-stink properties
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric for no-bounce support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • Adjustable shelf bra for customizable fit and support
  • Cinchable drawcord & customized fit keeps top from riding up during your run
  • Chafe-resistant flat seams

New Heathered Currant Power Y

New Heathered Currant Power Y. It's not in North America yet but hopefully will be coming soon.

Run: Your Heart Out Crop Product Info

Product Info on the new Run: Your Heart Out Crops:

  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme fabric for no-bounce muscle support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • Smooth mid-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for maximum support
  • Secure back zip pockt & 2 front gel pockets for storage
  • Close fitting hip pockets provide jiggle-free storage
  • 360 degree reflectivity for added low-light visibility
  • Chafe-resistant flat seams

The Mother of All Uploads

Well, what wasn't uploaded this morning? So many of the new items that we've been seeing hit the website this morning it's easier to talk about what hasn't shown up. The new Free to Be and Energy bras didn't show up. Have the Elevation Space Dye and Currant Scoop Neck tanks hit the website yet? Those are about the only things I can think of that aren't there.

I was tempted to order the Plum Turn Around LS but restrained myself. The Gratitude Wraps were restocked in all the colors today so that makes me hopeful there might be an eventual restocking of the Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover. I was surprised only the Black Swan Apres Pullover showed up because there is a black version.

Oh yes, I've got to say I really like the new website. I love the big photos and little videos. It's only been two and a half years overdue. I've read there was a glitch that when you tried to add something to the shopping cart that the wrong size shows up but the right size shows up at final checkout so I think, compared to previous weeks there are fewer problems, but still unacceptable for a major retailer like lululemon.

Anyway, I was very good today and didn't get anything but I know a lot of goodies that people have been waiting for have shown up. What did you buy today?