Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Items in the Product Notices

We spotted this new Power Technique tank a couple of days ago but now I have a color name - it is the black heathered gray mini check. Has anyone seen this and felt it? Is it pique?

I saw a notice a couple of weeks ago for an Energy Bra in Black Swan in an Australian product notice but I got another for a Seattle store so I think there really is going to be a BS Energy bra. (The photo is of a Black Energy, not the Black Swan.)

New Scoop Neck tank in Heathered Persian Purple Mini Check. I wonder if this is a pique-type luon? It almost looks like it could be but that would be a first.

The Latest - Chasse Tights & Black Mini Check Flow Y

The running luon Chasse tights are starting to show up in the stores.

I like how the pique black mini check Flow Y looks under the black SE Zipper CRB. The SE CRB doesn't look that great in this photo but I've seen others and it's really cute. I believe the price is $48 for the SE CRB.

NEW! Apres Run Pullover

New Apres Run Pullover. I don't have much information as of yet but will update when I do.

 Hmmm, the Apres Pullover also comes in Black Swan. Maybe I will leave the tags on my Ghost Don't Hurry pullover for now.

It looks very similar to last year's popular Post Run Pullover:

Received My Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover - Liking It!

Arranging the neck line is an issue. I like the big turtleneck look.
gathers at the side of the bottom hem and and on the cuffs
Close up of the high pile fleece on the inside

hidden key pocket in the Kangaroo pocket

I got my Ghost Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover today. I was sure it would be too heavy and too tight at the chest and hips but I actually like it a lot. I am pretty sure I am going to keep it. It's a roomy true to size fit. The under side of the arm, the cuffs, and the bottom hem are all made of running luon. The rest is the high pile polyester fleece.

Don't Worry Be Happy paired with Still Pants
Not the sexiest top but very functional for watching soccer and baseball matches on chilly fall and winter days. I have family that live in Oregon and Arizona and it will be put to use visiting them during the colder months. I also think it will come in handy for our spring break ski trip.

NEW Run: For It Pullover Product Alert Info

Here is the product alert information on the new Run: For It tech fleece pullover. It's coming in Currant and Persian Purple. I think I read it was spotted in a store and it's $118 and available in sizes 2-10. It's super pretty but I'm not a huge fan of the asymmetrical zipper opening.

  • Run for it & reach your goals in this cozy, body-skimming midlayer
  • Wicking tech fleece is brushed on the inside for warmth & comfort
  • Body-mapped with anti-stink circle mesh
  • Rib panels for extra movement
  • Long front zip for easy on/off
  • Set-your-ponytail-free from your hood
  • Love notes to warm your heart
  • Cuffins with thumbholes keep hands warm
  • Chafe-resistant flat seams

Photos of the Latest - Pique Define, Currant Power Technique, Plum Scoop Neck and More

A great photo of the Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Define and the new Currant Scoop Neck tank. The Define looks more black than gray in this photo. My earlier home photo made it look much lighter. I think I am taking the tags off this tomorrow.

New Power Technique tank in Currant Red.

The top photo best captures the true color of the Heathered Plum Live Simply. I know the color comes up vastly different in many of the photos but the top photo is how it looked in the store.

I had to post a photo of this woman. The Currant Define and Scoop Neck tank look so great with her coloring. If you want people to notice you, this is the jacket to get. I like the second photo, it's an up-shirt shot to show off the Groove waistband - such a cute idea.

The Heathered Coal Live Simply, Heathered Smokey Rose CRB, and Blurred Gray mini check Wunder Unders.

A couple more photos of the Black Ombre Cabin Longsleeve. I like it but it looks more like something I'd buy for my sons rather than myself.

So, one of the things I did in the store today was hold up the Currant Define to various tanks to decide how many things I could pair it with. There are some Currant stripes in the Elevation Space Dye pattern but not enough to make the jacket and tank really pop against each other. They are both so vibrant they compete against each other more than complement.

A good photo of the Heathered Plum Scoop Neck tank. I didn't love this tank but I love Plum so am looking forward to more plum tanks.

A nice close up of the Black Swan and Plum Striped Scuba.

NEW! Quilted Still Groovy Gym Bag

Lulu, what are you doing to me? I love this classic, Chanel-ish quilted look for the Still Groovy Gym Bag. Love!! It goes wonderfully with the herringbone and tweedy-looking mini check patterns. On a related note, I have to say my very similar Retro Groove gym bag has become my favorite lululemon gym bag yet. It's the perfect size to hold everything I schlep to the gym, including my spin shoes and two hand towels. It has a wide opening so I can reach everything. I used think the number of interior pockets was too few but then again I don't spend a lot of time digging through fifteen different pockets looking for my heart rate monitor transmitter. If you are in the market for a new gym bag, I'd definitely check out this new version of the Still Groovy.