Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Hurry Be Happy Restocked on US Side of the Website

FYI - the US Side of the website got a restocking of all colors of the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover.

NEW! Run For It Pullover

New Run: For It Pullover. There is no information on this pullover but based on the fact that this has a hood I'd say it's made of brushed luxtreme or technical fleece. I guess it could also be made of wool but the color looks a bit too vibrant and the hood too stiff. As soon as I find out more, I will let you know. It is made of tech fleece and it is also coming in Persian Purple. I don't have a price yet but I'd bet somewhere around $100-120.

Store Trip Report - Lulu Haul!!!

I actually bought enough items today  to make a decent haul video but I'm not sixteen years old so you'll have to settle for static photos of the goodies that came home with me.  My usual buying pace is about one tank per week so today was highly unusual. My virtual lululemon garage sale will be going up on ebay soon to make more room in my closet and replenish my bank balance. ;-)

I think this jacket looks darker, more black in real life
Yesterday I made up an interest list based on all the photos of the new stuff that we've been seeing but the new Pique Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Define (color code: BCMI/BLK) wasn't even under consideration. I have tried on pique Defines many times in the past but none of them ever appealed enough to me to actually buy it. However, the mini check has not only the pique texture but the mini check pattern. Like all pique jackets it is super soft inside. It was $108.  

I have one black Define in the Ikat print from last year but the print makes it hard to coordinate with tanks other than the Ikat print, purples, or solid black so I see this new Define as a replacement for the Ikat and will add versatility into my jacket wardrobe.

This is a close up of the Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Define. It is checked on the outside and striped on the inside. I believe this is the identical pique that is used in the new reversible Wunder Unders everyone is chatting about.

I also bought the Power Y in Heathered Black. This summer I had bought the luxtreme Heathered Black Power Y but the color looks different in the two different fabrics:

The luxtreme Power Y is on the left and the new Power Y in Heathered Black luon is on the right. 

I really like black patterns for my tanks and here is a comparison photo of, I think, nearly all the most recent black patterns:

 (left to right) Coal Ground Nesting Bird CRB, Black Seabed Power Y, Black Stripes Galore Power Y, Static Charcoal CRB, Black Wee Stripe Power Y, Heathered Black Luxtreme Power Y, Heathered Black Power Y (regular luon)

(Left to right) Heathered Black luxtreme, Heathered Black luon, Black Wee Stripe luon. Along the bottom is a Static Charcoal Cool Racerback in luon light.

I was very tempted to also get the new Currant Define. I thought it looked great with my coloring, but since I don't have a money tree in my backyard it stayed at the store. I might change my mind but for now I can live without it. I tend to like more muted colors for my outwear so I didn't think I would be reaching for a red jacket that much. I also have a lot of blue and purple tanks in my closet and I know the Currant wouldn't work with them. I don't know if there are two versions of this jacket but the one I tried on was brushed and was $108. 

I also tried on the Currant Scuba and was very tempted by it but I also thought I wouldn't reach for it that much.  I have three Scubas already so to add another I think it has to be unique. Although Lululemon rarely comes out with true reds many other companies do and I want to choose jackets that are different from anything anyone else is wearing. I think both the Currant Define and Scuba will be very popular. I had to go to another store to find my size in both these jackets.

I did get the Currant Scoop Neck, however.  I could not resist getting such a bright color to wear to the gym.

I bought the Heathered Smokey Rose Cool Racerback. I wasn't sure if I would like it but the heathering toned down the pink enough for me that I didn't feel like a six year old obsessed with Barbie pink. It's a gorgeous color and I can't wait to tear the tags off. I also bought the Elevation Space Dye Scoop Neck tank. It's such a bright, fun pattern I could not resist. It has a ton of colors in it and will go with six different jacket colors. I love when lulu makes tops with multiple colors in it. The pattern has Paris Pink, Smokey Rose, Currant, Heathered Plum, Heathered Black Swan, and Heathered Black in it.

I saw the new Currant Swiftlys and they are much oranger than I thought. They looked a lot like the Tango Red Swiftlys of last year.

I forgot to post that I also saw the new Heathered Plum Live Simply. It's a very pretty color. It almost looks like Plum was mixed with Black Swan to make the heathering.