Monday, October 31, 2011

More Photos of the Latest - Cabin LS, Reversible Wunder Unders, Destined Duffel

Another photo of the Gray Ombre Cabin Longsleeve top. It reverses to solid Heathered Blurred Gray.

A couple more photos of the reversible pique Wunder Unders. The top is black gray mini check and the bottom are black heathered coal mini check.

Photo of the new Destined for Greatness Duffel in some sort of purple ombre stripe. I posted a photo of this new duffel in black a couple of days ago.

 The web model photo of the Black Swan Ariel Tank. Where is the Black Swan CRB? I would love a CRB in this color.

New! Ombre Stripe Cabin LS and More

New Cabin Longsleeve in Gray Ombre Stripe / Heathered Blurred Gray (thanks to Erin for this photo).

Another photo of the new Live Simply jackets. Heathered Coal on the left and Heathered Plum on the right.

Great photo showing the two different sides of the reversible Wunder Unders in the mini-check and stripe.

A better photo of the new Astros in the Deep Coal stripe / White heathered blurred gray mini check.

Plum Live Simple & Heathered Persian Purple Scuba

I think the new Plum Live Simply is actually a heathered plum. Shown above with the new Heathered Plum Scoop Neck tank and reversible stripe/check Wunder Unders.

New Scuba in Heathered Persian Purple.

Close Up of Heathered Black Swan Plum Stripe Scuba & More

Ok, this is more like it. Now that I've seen the close up version I'm pretty sure I can live without this Scuba. I have a solid plum that I love and this one is pretty close. Currant Scuba, you are back on top of my list.

A photo of the White Heathered Blurred Gray Classic Stripe Scuba on a person. I can live without this one, too. I really like a wider stripe pattern in my Scubas, like last year's poncho stripe:

Why didn't I get this last year when I had the chance? Drats!

I'm not sure if the middle Define is a brand new Black Stripe Pique Define but I think it might be. When I find out for sure I will update this post.

FYI, Heathered Smokey Rose and Heathered Persian Purple don't look that great paired with each other.

NEW Store Arrivals - Black Swan Plum Stripe Scuba and More

I am dying to see a close up of the Scuba on the left. It is the Heathered Black Swan Plum Classic Stripe/Plum Scuba. I love both Black Swan and Plum. Hmmm, this new one or the Currant Scuba? Decisions, decisions. The one on the right is also new - White Heathered Blurred Gray Classic Stripe.

The Currant Scoop Neck is also calling my name. I can tell already November is going to be an expensive month for me.

The Groove band in Winter Quilt 17. When I first saw a photo of these I had thought one of the blocks was an orange color but it looks like it's just a heathered Currant. I might have to invest in these since I plan on getting a few tanks in this color palette and I've been wanting to get a third pair of Groove pants.

New short sleeve Swiftly tee in Plum.

New reversible Wunder Under crops in Blurred Gray Mini Check / Stripe.

The new Special Edition CRB with the zipper also comes in black. I think black is better for this since it hides the very clunky way the zipper was integrated into the tank.

New Astro pants in Persian Purple Mini Check. There is also a version in White Heathered Blurred Gray Mini Check.

New Swiftly LS in Currant and Persian Purple.

I am dying to see this tank in person. I'm not sure if I will be getting it since I tend to like bolder colors but I definitely want to see it.

Define Jacket in Currant

Man, the Currant Scuba is calling my name, too.

Comparison of New Ariel Tank to Previous Version

A very interesting photo showing the disparity in sizes between the new Ariel tank, shown in Black Swan, versus the previous version, shown in Power Purple (I believe) on the right. (Thanks to Nancy Q. for this photo.) Both tanks are the same size yet are markedly different. One good thing is that it looks like the bra portion is taller. I remember spilling out over the top of the previous version so having a more roomy bra portion is a significant improvement. However, the length looks about three inches longer. I don't recall the previous Ariel being overly short but Lululemon has been making the latest tanks, such as the Spin Me and Active Strength, very long. I'm 5' 5 1/2" with probably normal to slightly long torso and I find most of lulu's tanks hit me at the same spot they do on the model. I seem to remember reading that lulu's designs are aimed at women 5' 6" tall so it's not like I am outside their ideal demographic height.  I don't really care for tanks that go past my crotch and I hate to have my tanks hemmed but I may have to change my tune on that.