Saturday, October 29, 2011

NEW! Power Technique in Currant and More Photos of the Latest

Just spotted in stores - a Power Technique Tank in Currant Red. Nothing more energizing for a workout than a bright red tank. I cannot wait until the Currant tanks start hitting my local stores. (Thanks to Eliza for this photo)

(I just found a few more store Facebook sites so if I have been ignoring photos from your store and you are an educator that has been dying to attain Lulu Addict Blog "fame", that's why.  ;-)  Freaking A, lulu has been busy opening new stores.) Finally, a good photo of the new Black Swan Power Y. On the left side of the photo you can see that new black striped Power Technique tank I posted yesterday (click on photo to enlarge).

A photo showing how Currant Red and Heathered Smokey Rose works together. That is a problem with buying jackets that are outside of my Black/Coal/Purple/Blues box, I don't know what to pair them with. That is a big reason I didn't get the Muted Mauve Define, I don't think I had much in my wardrobe to coordinate with it other than black. I love when stores make coordinating outfits like this with something other than Currant and Coal. Shown in the photo - Currant Red Define, Heathered Smokey Rose CRB, and Black Herringbone Wunder Unders.

Another photo of the Power Technique Tank in Persian Purple. It looks a lot like Bold Blue in this photo but the lighting is dark. However, I did think the Amphipod water bottle holder that came in Persian Purple looked a lot like Bold Blue so I wouldn't be surprised if they are close. I am so curious to see this color in person.

Persian Purple Swiftly SS top.

The Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover in Ghost and Coal.

Cargo Harem pants on a variety of heights.

Some more photos of Rugged Blue. The tech shirt in the top photo is also Rugged Blue. It looks less gray in these photos than it did in previous photos. It still is nice to have an option other than black or gray for the men. My husband complains that he doesn't like to wear black shirts with black shorts and needs shorts in some other colors.