Friday, October 28, 2011

Lululemon on TV: Vampire Diaries

One of my favorite new Lululemon tank designs made it onto TV last week. It was the Run For Your Life in Raspberry on the TV show Vampire Diaries. I've been watching this show since it began and I believe this is the first time I have spotted Lululemon on the show. I have two of the Run For Your Life tanks, in Rocksteady and Royalty, and wouldn't mind a couple more. It's a great top for spin class - supportive and cool - in addition to being different than anything anyone else is wearing.  I wish it was coming out in Black Swan or Currant but I think the RFYL is a summer item so I hope we see it back next summer. I would love it in a purple and maybe something like tree frog.

It also looks like Elena is wearing a black Turbo tank. I thought I saw chatter on the boards that this might be the original version from the Lab called the Duplicity but the back part looks attached so I believe it's the mass production Turbo model.

NEW! Live Simply Jacket Colors

Thanks to the readers that pointed out I totally missed the new colors of the Live Simply Jacket in this photo. It looks like there is a new Plum Live Simply and a Heathered Black/Charcoal/Coal. I'll update when I get more information.

Photos of the Zipper CRB & Currant CRB (Australian Heads Up)

So what do you think? Is the special edition zipper Cool Racerback good or silly? I don't think it's that bad looking. I'm not sure I would get one, particularly if they jack the SE price up to $49 like the last SE CRB.  This color is Heathered Persian Purple and the tank is paired with the Run Your Heart Out Shorts in Black Swan Creekside Camo print.

Currant Red CRB paired with the light Wunder Unders from this summer in the Black Wee Stripe. These photos are from Australia so they are getting some things ahead of us (the new CRBs) and other items after us (the light Wunder Unders). I cannot wait for more Currant tanks to show up in North America.

The Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe Spin Me Tank. I don't think the Spin Me tank is any more applicable to spin that any other luxtreme tank. For me, the top requirement for a spin tank is the most lightweight breathable, wicking material lululemon makes and that isn't luxtreme. I prefer my circle mesh CRBs or silverscent circle mesh tops like the Revitalize SS or Energy SL tanks for spin for max cooling.

NEW! Scoop Neck in Currant Red, New Live Simply Jackets, and More

I think I read the caption to this photo correctly - there is a new Scoop Neck tank in solid Currant Red. I think I might like that better than the Elevation Space Dye Scoop. Update - the sharp eyes of my readers pointed out that the Live Simply Jackets in this photo are also new. It looks like Heathered Coal/Black/Charcoal and a solid Plum.

Scuba in Currant Red
I am 99.9% sure I am going to be trading in my Don't Worry Be Happy Pullover for a Currant Red Scuba.

The Currant Red Define is very tempting. It's such an eye-catcher in all the photos I've seen.

Currant Define and new Destined For Greatness Duffle gym bag.

The long sleeve Swifly in Currant Red. There is also a short sleeve version coming but it's only in Australian stores right now.

Swiftly tee in Persian Purple (and Currant).

New Define in brushed pique

 When I see this photo of the Elevation Space Dye Scoop Neck tank with heathered black Tadasana bottoms, it definitely looks like some of the stripes are heathered black in the tank and not heathered black swan as I thought.

Another photo of the Heathered Smokey Rose CRB.

The Wunder Unders in this photos are reversible to a heathered look and a striped look. These are the striped Wunder Unders from the website that everyone has been speculating on. (Thanks to Zanna for spotting this)

A photo of the Ariel tank in Heathered Coal. So far the only photos I've seen are of the pink one.

Photos of the new holiday season lulu shoppers (thanks to Kathryn).

NEW! Power Technique Colors - Gray Stripe & Persian Purple

The caption called this a Black Power Technique tank but as you can see from the back view photo it is actually a black and gray striped print. The sheer luon portion looks more coal than black to me in this photo but it's hard to tell.

There is also a new Power Technique tank in Persian Purple.

I haven't written about it yet but I wore my Power Technique to spin last week and I found it very comfortable. I really like the back strap configuration and hope it shows up on more form fitting tanks. If having something at the back of your neck bothers you then the Power Technique might also bug you because every now and then I would become aware of pressure on the back of my neck. Anyway, it was super comfortable but I don't know if I really loved the puffy silhouette I spied in the side mirrors when seated on the bike. I ended up un-cinching the tank part way through class because the sheer luon kind of traps hot air around your body. I was a bit cooler once I undid the bottom hem and cool air crept in.