Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Three Colors of the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover

Finally, a photo of all three colors in the Don't Worry Be Happy Pullover. The Coal looks slightly bluish in this photo. Dang, I should have ordered that. I like the black, too. Hmmm.

NEW! Chasse Tight and Heathered Black Swan CRB

New Cool Racerback starting to hit US stores in Heathered Black Swan. I think I might need this color. It appeals to me more than the Smokey Rose. My local store got this in so maybe I'll visit the stores tomorrow.

Spotted in Portland - the new Chasse Tight in running luon. This is Heathered Coal. These tights are $98. (Thanks to Aimee for this photo.) I think these would be super comfy but might feel a little like flannel pajamas. I can't wait to give them a try when they hit the store. I bet they'd make a great under layer under ski or snowboard pants.

Another photo of the Persia Purple Dip Dye Scuba. I wonder if this transitions to black or Black Swan. It's hard to tell from the photos.

Photos of the Latest

I wouldn't mind seeing some photos of the coal and black versions of this pullover.

Cargo Harem pant in Heathered Midnight. I like the color. Maybe they'll make some Lulu pants in it.

Photos - Interior of the Don't Worry Be Happy Pullover and Smokey Rose CRB

A photo of the interior of the Don't Worry Be Happy Pullover (thanks to Jessica). Lulu calls it high-pile fleece, others call it Sherpa-lined. I think it's going to be way too warm for Southern California winters. Early fit reports say the pullover fits True To Size and is snug in the arms (what else is new) and at the hips (it looked that way in the photos we've seen so far).

Another photo of the Heathered Smokey Rose Cool Racerback (thanks to Erin).

More Don't Hurry Be Happy Photos

I like the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover better in these photos. I think a big difference is that the stores photos are not pulling this top down as much as in the web model photos. The pullover is paired with Lulu Pants in Heathered Deep Camo in these photos.

Another Don't Hurry Be Happy Photo and New Cargo Harem Pants (Yes, They're Just as Bad as You Think)

Here is another Don't Hurry Be Happy photo. Jury is still out for me. I'll keep looking for more photos.

New organic cotton Cargo Harem Pants. The back view in this photo isn't too bad, but just wait until the photos below. What is the obsession with drop-crotch pants?

Okay, there are really no words to describe how bad these look.

More photos of the new Cargo Harem pants.

I'm kind of doing my Christmas shopping out loud here. This is the 5 Year Basic Tee and Run Response Shorts in the new Rugged Blue color for men. I love slate-gray blues.

Nearly Pointless Random Observation

This photo of the Ghost Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover makes it look so pretty and cozy but I find the cup of tea kind of funny. I know that if I ever drank anything while wearing this it would pretty much be a guarantee that I'd dribble it down the front and stain it.

Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover Photos

The first "real person" photos I've found of the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover. It's always helpful to see the real people photos to get a gauge on fit. As soon as I find some more photos, I will post them.

Today's Upload - Don't Hurry Be Happy Going Fast

So I hemmed and hawed a bit this morning but as I watched sizes disappear every time I refreshed my screen I ended up ordering the Ghost Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover. I'm not at all sure this will work on me. Usually lulu's pullovers hug my chest and hips and are loose in the middle but I figured I'd order it to be on the safe side. I was debating whether to get the Coal or the Ghost since I am not a huge fan of the two-tone black. However, solid Coal just washes me out so I went with the Ghost. I usually shy away from whites but last year I bought an ivory Mountain Hardware fleece jacket that I've been successful at keeping clean so I am hopeful I can do the same with this one. This top will be for watching my kid's soccer and baseball games and to and fro to the gym so I am hopeful I'll be able to keep this clean, too.

No pinks or Currant uploaded this morning so it made my decision process easy. What did you all order?