Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New! Deep Camo Pique Define and More

 There is a new Define jacket coming in Deep Camo Pique. This might be my first pique item.
New Define in Ghost Herringbone. I am not a fan of the lighter colored zipper on this but I hope to try it out at the store tomorrow.
More photos of the Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover. I am hoping to try this on tomorrow. I kind of like it but the black color blocks give it a bit of a ski sweater appearance. I might be able to live with that.
I got my Gratitude Wrap today. I remain a non-fan. It was a nice enough jacket but I don't care for the unstructured look. I thought it looked okay on me. Not great, not awful but it didn't give me tear-the-tags-off-now lust. The arms were  a bit snug and the back caught on my bottom a bit (the fit was similar to the above photo). It was an okay jacket but just not my cup of tea. I am also a little leary of it fading. I really don't want to have to limit wear and washing because of concerns about fading. I am thinking I might trade it in for the Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover.
A couple of new Power Ys in Ghost Blurred Gray Microstripe and Heathered Deep Camo.
Cross My Heart Bra under a Run Free Tank

I forgot to post about this yesterday - the Cross My Heart Bra. I am hoping to give it a try tomorrow.