Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW! Deep Coal Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover and Photos of the Latest Tanks

New Full Tilt Pullover in Heathered Deep Coal Herringbone. I like this better than the Heathered Black.

Active Strength Tank. Now that I am seeing some real life photos of this it looks interesting. I wonder if you can move the straps around or they're attached at some point in the back. I'm hoping to try this on tomorrow.

Power Technique Tank in Lilac. This is another I want to try on tomorrow. I bought a Lilac Power Dance tank last year so I don't think I'd get this one but you never know. It looks comfy and since it hit 100 degrees here today I am wearing a Power Dance tank right now. They are so comfy in hot weather.

Gratitude Wrap Coming in Heathered Ghost (?)

One of the product notice emails tonight said that the Gratitude Wrap is coming in a heathered white color which I would assume is mostly likely Heathered Ghost. The photo above is of the older GW in Heathered Ivory. As soon as I find a current photo I will update.

More photos of the latest: Gratitude Wraps, Bolt Tech, Pure Focus, and More

Black Swan (BS) Gratitude Wrap. One last photo before tomorrow's upload. This is the one I am going to (attempt to) order tomorrow. I have read that the black is not as dark as the BS and that black tends to fade.

A nice close up of the hood on the Deep Camo Live Simply jacket. I think the Vinyasa scarf is the Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe.

The new Black Swan Herringbone Pace Setter run skirt.

The Heathered Black Swan Define jacket. The version shown in the product alert notices must have been an early iteration.

The first photo I've found of the Coal Energy bra.

Pure Focus tanks in Lilac and Black Swan. I like the layer the Free To Be bra underneath this tank for extra support.

The new Integrity Hot tank in Black Swan and Ghost Herringbone Speed Shorts.

Heathered Black Swan Full Tilt Short Sleeve. I was skeptical when I first saw this but I liked it a lot. However, not enough to shell out $68 for one.

Tadasana Split Crop. I've read three opinions on the fit of these - the fit like Gather and Crow crops, they fit like Boogie crops, and they fit like short Tadasana pants. I am planning to visit the store tomorrow morning so will give these a try if they have them.

New men's Bolt Tech shirt that has a hidden pattern that shows up when the shirt is wet. However, it only lasts through 20 washes. I also noticed the neckline is a bit gathered. Not sure if I like that look on a man but maybe it's too subtle for most people to notice.

New Pink Tank & Other Goodies on the Lululemon Website

A hat tip to the Lulumum blog for noticing this new photo on the Lululemon website. It looks like a new pink tank  - a Heathered Paris Pink if I had to guess. Update - an anonymous commenter on the lulumum blog says this color is Heathered Smokey Rose. They aren't available for sale yet but must be coming soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Just noticed some more goodies. I cannot wait for a Power Y or Scoop Neck in this pattern. It reminds me of the Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe from last year. My favorite colorful Power Y. Update - It looks like there is a second pink - Smokey Rose. This makes sense because I can see three main colors in this Flow Y - Currant (?), Paris Pink, and Smokey Rose.

Wish MUPS Power Y from last year
OMG, love this. A solid colored Paris Pink Scoop Neck. This goes on my Must Have list!

New Arabesque bag in the new blue color we spotted the other day. Love the vertical ombre stripes.

NEW! Active Strength Tank

New luxtreme tank called the Active Strength Tank. I don't feel immediate lust to get it from these photos but since it's luxtreme I'll definitely give it a try. It also has an adjustable bra which is always a plus. This is the Heathered Black Swan. There is also a black version.

Product Information:

  • Moderate support and coverage tank with bra adjustability to take you from yoga to spinning class
  • Lightweight luxtreme™ fabric with inherent wicking performance keeps you dry & comfortable
  • Mid length, body skimming fit - follows your curves but doesn't ride up
  • Fabric covered elastic straps to add support
  • Mesh inner support comes with removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk

The straps remind me a lot of the Insight Tank from last year. It was made of luon light and I remember it feeling super comfortable when I tried it on but not very supportive:

Older Insight Tank

NEW! Power Technique Tank

New Power Technique Tank. It looks like an update of the Power Dance tank from last year. I bought three of those so I am a big fan. I will definitely put this on my maybe list. Coming in Coal, Ghost/Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe, and Lilac/ Heathered Coal Wee Stripe.

Product Info:
  • Bring strength and energy to your power class in this free flowing, lightweight tank
  • Bust - luon®, breathable with coverage, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
  • Body - sheer luon® is ultra light with stretch, breathability and wicking performance
  • Moderate coverage and support
  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
  • Preshrunk