Saturday, October 8, 2011

Portland Marathon Shout Out

I have to give out a little shout out to my sister this weekend. She is running in the Portland Marathon tomorrow. Her race day outfit will be her new Take Flight pullover, a Ghost Power Y, and CW-X Tights (sorry, lulu). She bought the Take Flight because it has lycra in it like the older Swiftlys. She doesn't care for the current version of the Swiftly knit tops without lycra. Anyway, good luck tomorrow, sis, and to all my other readers who are running races tomorrow!

NEW! Black Swan Live Simply Jacket, A New Crop Style, New Full Tilt LS Color, and More

The Live Simply is back in Black Swan and Black. I might have to rethink the Live Simply. It's gorgeous in this color! It looks like they removed the seams from around the elbows that were on the older Live Simply Jackets.

New run glove are out and the Live Simply Jacket in Black.

There is a new Full Tilt LS Color out. It looks like it's probably Ghost Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. The crops in the photo are also new. They almost look like they could be an SE version of Wunder Unders but I'll have to confirm. A reader comments these are new run crops called the Carefree Crop. I'll have to check them out.

More photos of the Integrity Tank. In three of the four photos, the bottom portion of the tank is cricle mesh but in the third photo, it almost looks like the body is made of luxtreme. I'll have to find out if there are two flavors of this tank. The bottom photo also shows the new Work It Out pant.

A couple more photos of the Integrity Tank in Black Swan. This tank won't work for me but I like the color. I think I'd love to see a Scoop Neck or CRB in this color.

Some more photos showing details on the Tadasana Slit crops. The top photo shows the Pure Focus Tank in Ghost. Reader Rinne comments that the yoga mat looks like Paris Pink - great catch!

Groove waistband in Heathered Coal mini check.

It's been confirmed, the new pink color is Paris Pink and will be a major new color for winter. Yay! I'm so happy to see a hot pink back. That make this palette: Black Swan, Tree Frog Green, Deep Camo, Persian Purple, Paris Pink, and Lilac.

New men' shirt style - the Bolt Tech.

NEW! Harmony Softshell Jacket. And More.

New Harmony Softshell Jacket. I don't have much other product info other than: Bonded seams for stitchless function-less holes means less moisture gets through! I'll update as soon as I find more information. The front of this jacket reminds me of the Principle Jacket.

Also, the Energy Bra is coming out again in Lilac, Coal, Black, and White. I have the Grapeseed Energy Bra so I can live without Lilac, however Coal might come in handy. I got an Australian product notice that said the Energy was out in  Black Swan, too.

 There is also a new Pure Focus tank in what looks like Ghost. I'm not sure of the trim color.

The latest Groove pants. I'm not sure if the color on the right is Black Swan or not.