Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NEW! Cross My Heart Bra

The front of this reminds me of the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. The wider straps makes me think it will be more supportive for bustier women. I also like that it says it keeps the girls separated. I hope that means it will give me a better shape than a typical shelf bra which tends to smush my girls down. I definitely want to give this bra a try when it hits my local store.
  • Keep the girls separated with our new cross-front inner bra construction!
  • Power luxtreme™ fabric has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content for maximum support
  • Moderate coverage & support
  • Wide, comfortable straps won't dig into your shoulders
  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
  • Preshrunk
  • Black, Coal, Lilac

Tadasana Slit Crop, Lilac Wee Stripe Stride, and More

More photos of the new Tadasana Slit Crop.

Some good full-length and close up photos showing the details on the SE Full Tilt crops.

A close up of the Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe  / Heathered Blurred Gray Cabin LS.

This is from an Australian product alert. It's the : Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe / Lilac Stride Jacket. I'm believe it's in also in North America.

The Deep Coal Heathered Wee Stripe Scoop Neck. I know this woman would probably look attractive wearing a burlap sack but the Scoop Neck tank looks really great on her.

I am really like the waistband on these grooves. I think it's because it has the citrony Tree Frog Green in it. A similar color is what led me to buy my first pair of Grooves in two years last spring:

I am hoping to visit the store tomorrow to check out the new CRBs, the Tadasana Slit crop, maybe those new Grooves, and the latest colors. I'm not sure what I'd like to see in the upload tomorrow but I hope there will be some surprises. What area you looking for?

More Color for the Men - Plum & Deep Camo Outfit

I wasn't sure if I liked this outfit before but I think I do. I know the shorts are Plum Run Response and I'm pretty sure the top is the Metal Vent Tech in Deep Camo. The two colors play against each other really nicely. (FWIW my husband loves the Run Response shorts and has something like five pairs of them.)

Deep Camo Metal Vent Tech

NEW Color! Persian Purple

A hat tip to the Lulumum blog for spotting this new purple - Persian Purple in her product notice emails. When Lilac was out last year it was paired with Casis, which looks an awful lot like the beloved Power Purple. I made a comparison photo of Lilac, Casis, Grapeseed, and Power Purple last year:

The headband is Lilac and Casis. The waistband on the Groove pants is Grapeseed and the purple tank or headband, I can't remember which I used, is Power Purple.

NEW Pique! - Deep Camo Pique

A new pique in the Deep Camo color. I know many, many people love their pique jackets and bottoms and I've tried them on many times but never bought one. However, I think this might be my first. I love the texture and the color is a little different than the standard black, gray, and light gray pique. Can't wait to see what items this will come in. I think I am at least hoping for a Define jacket.

NEW! Tadasana Slit Crop

A new crop that looks a lot like the older Gather and Crow and even older Boogie Crops, the Tadasana Slit Crop. I really like my Boogie crops but never liked their replacement, the Gather and Crow. I wonder if these are replacing the G&C.

Product Info:
  • This medium rise, slim fit crop is ideal for yoga, gym, boot camp, or Pilates
  • Our signature cotton-feel luon® fabric is breathable & has 4-way stretch that moves with you
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Inner waistband stash pocket to secure $ and keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk