Friday, September 30, 2011

The Latest - Black Swan Dip Dye Scuba, Heathered Dark Coal CRBs and More

Black Swan to Black Dip Dye Scuba Hoodie and Heathered Black Swan Stride Jacket.
I'm not sure of the name but the Scuba definitely looks like what I would call a Black Swan Dip Dye. It's very pretty but the dip dye Scubas are priced at $148 on the website which is just too much for me.

 This photo didn't excite me too much until I looked at the waistband on the grooves. I really like the herringbone pattern and the heathered pattern shown with it. Also, the text in the photo was very exciting. It listed some new colors of CRBs - heathered tree frog (show in the photo), Lilac Stripe, and Heathered Dark Coal. I am very excited to see a Heathered Dark Coal CRB. I wonder if the waistband on the Grooves is Heathered Dark Coal or Heathered Black Swan.
 The new item in this photo is the Brisk Run Toque cap.

The item that is of interest to me in this photo is the Brisk Run Earwarmer with the speckles on it. It looks cute. The crops were idetified as Full Tilt crops but that's not correct.

Black Swan & Heathered Deep Camo Color Comparisons

A color comparison of the Deep Swan Swiftly on the left and a black Swiftly on the right. (Thanks to Quincey for this photo)

 A color comparion of the Heathered Deep Camo CRB to the Wren CRB (on the girl). I have the Wren CRB but I never wear it. I tend to wear my print and static/heathered CRBs a lot more than my solid colored CRBS. I'm definitely going to have to check the Heathered Deep Camo when it hits the US. (Thanks to Megan for this photo)

This is the photo of Heathered Deep Camo from the product alert emails. It looks brownish in this photo but you can see from the comparison above photo it looks a lot like Wren. Now that I've seen the real life HDC to Wren comparison photo, I definitely think that the Scoop Neck tank on the luluemon page is Heathered Deep Camo:

Heathered Deep Camo Scoop Neck Tank

Gratitude Wraps (in Black, at Least) Are Coming in October

Gratitude Wraps have a devoted fan base and  used ones trade for upwards of $200 on eBay. There is a rumor today on one of the Facebook boards that black Gratitude Wraps will be coming in mid October. My photo is of a Static GW that was out a couple of years ago. I know a lot of people will be excited to see them come back.

PS - If lulu is going to bring back old favorites, can you please consider bringing back the Remix Light or Remix Lux jackets? I really could use a lightweight zip-up sweat jacket. When my husband was looking at lulu hoodies, he felt they were much too thick to be practical.

Remix Lights

Remix Lights were made of french terry and were a lighter weight version of the Remix hoodies. I suppose if they brought them back, they'd be Scuba Lights. I have two and wear them every week. They are lasting like iron. They were released primarily in the US a couple of years ago. It's weird that Lulu doesn't have a lightweight hoodie as one of its core items. To me, it's a glaring gap in a basic athletic wardrobe.

The lux hoodie is very similar to the Remix Light except they were made of the modal fabric instead of french terry. I recently bought one off ebay and love it, almost more than my Remix Lights. The material is slightly lighter weight than the Remix Light. Modal seems to pill a lot more easily than french terry but it's super soft and stretchy. It's a great basic piece. If lulu ever brought back these jackets, I'd probably buy at least half a dozen right off the bat, they are that useful and comfortable.