Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rumors: Fall Colors - Greens, Plum, Orangey/Red

Scubas from last fall: Chili red, Cactus green, and Dahlia purple
Some rumors on the boards today that we will be seeing some greens this fall. Supposedly there will be a green similar to Cactus and a lighter one similar Savage Green. It is believed that one of the colors is called something like Tree Frog Green. The greens are supposed to come out in October.

Plum Heart Tank
 There is also supposed to be a plum-like color coming in November.

Chili Red Scuba
And lastly, there is supposed to be an orangey-red color that is more suited for fall than Alarming Red.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

There were quite a few goodies in today's upload - the Full Tilt longsleeve and short sleeve tops and the Heathered Rose Petal Scuba to name a few. I think the website is probably caught up with the stock that is in stores now. Maybe a big new product drop is headed our way for next week. I didn't get anything but have tried on most of the newer stuff. I like the Full Tilt Short sleeve a lot. I think it fits on the large side so you might want to size down for a more fitted look. The Full Tilt longsleeve fit TTS. What did you get today?