Monday, September 12, 2011

New Markdowns

Lots of new markdowns added tonight.

Photos of the Latest

The Ghost Ground Nesting Blackbird Scuba jacket.

Black short sleeve swiftly.

My favorite summer bottoms - Biker Groove Shorts.

Lavender Gray Dance Studio Jacket

 See Me Ride Commuting Pant

Wunder Groove Pants in Heathed Coal and Lavender Gray

See Me Ride Poncho

NEW! Get Down Jacket

New 650 fil down jacket called the Get Down jacket. It comes in Ghost and Black and is $248. It's ok, but I'd probably go for a North Face for this price point.

New Manifesto Longsleeves

New Manifesto Longsleeve tops in Royalty and Magnum. Although the price is a steep $68, I really like my white longsleeve manifesto. It looks really cute thrown on over a skimpy tank when I run errands after the gym.

Silver Luon is Back!

These photos don't look like anything special but each identified the material as contacting silver x-static which I believe makes them what lulu called Silver Luon back in January. From top to bottom, Grooves, Power Y, and Wunder Unders.  Although skeptical when it first came out, I really like the Silver Luon fabric and am glad it's back. I ended up buying three tanks made from the Silver Luon fabric - the Challenge Tank, a Silver Hot Class tank, and the Foundation tank. Silver luon feels slightly thicker than regular luon, which makes it more supportive, but it isn't hotter and I think the wicking and breathability is better. I hope there are some new jackets coming in Silver Luon, too. Since my husband has started wearing more lulu to the gym I can attest that the silver threads do a good job of containing odor.

More Hilarity...

Feast your eyes on these...

Some comments from a lulu fanboard when a photo of the new harem crops was posted:

  • "I can't believe it's back. That thing is headed straight for loot!"

  •   " Ewwww!"

  •  " real life they are really that bad. Might as well buy some adult diapers and wear them, saves you $100 bucks."

  •  "not this again."

  •  "these went to 19 dollars at my store last time they were released!"

  • "They can't make anything in red or green but they can bring the harems back...what is wrong with their designers!"

  •  "WHY do they keep trying to push these? I believe most of us do not wear diapers!"

  •  "i like them. i'm gonna get these and the cape that everybody hates and post them every day for an OOTD." [meant sarcastically]
  •  "WHY!?!? Well my wallet is safe. :)"
  •  "MC Hammer wanna bes, here you go! Lol"
  •  "can't touch these....deh neh neh neh...neh neh....neh neh."
  •  " If I ever feel like shoplifting an entire ham I know which pants to wear....."
    Update - Another photo showing the back. They're just as cute in the back. (Not)

The See Me Ride Poncho is $198 - Bwahahahaha

I'll be updating the blog with photos of the latest but I had to dedicate a post to the outrageous price of the new See Me Ride Poncho. It's an eye-popping $198.