Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photos of New Arrivals and Today's Upload

A real life photo of the new Lavender Gray Denim Define. This is an interesting color. It's gray but with purple undertones. I bought the Ta Ta Tamer in it because I thought it would go with a lot of my wardrobe. I have a lot of black, bold blue/wish blue, and lavender/lilac/potion purple tops. I want to try this jacket on for the same reason. It's a light color but not so light that I have to worry about keeping it clean. I also have a thing for denim luon. It seems like a "dressier" version of luon.

A new Gather and Crow crop. I'm not sure of the color but it looks a bit too light to be Heathered Coal. I'll update when I find the color.

So I hope those of you that wanted the Light Blue print Full Tilt Pullover ordered it. It's already sold out in some sizes. The running luon tops tend to be popular, especially in fun colors like this one. Sometimes, you have to order first and think about it later. For some reason, the Full Tilt long sleeve tops weren't uploaded today. I would think they'd show up next week. Overall, it was a rather lame upload. I thought about ordering another Brisk Run Headwarmer but I preferred last winter's style with the gathers, and I ended up not ordering anything today. What did you all order?

New Arrivals

Lavender Gray Denim Define Jacket

New Dash Tanks in Rocksteady and Clear Sky but I think these are heathered versions and not solid colors.

I've been calling this Heathered Rocksteady but my product alerts are calling it Light Bluprint. It looks Rocksteady-ish to me.