Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEW! Dewberry Run For Your Life Tank, Black Stripes Galore Stride, and More

New Run For Your Life in Heathered Dewberry. This one is a little more muted than the Heathered Raspberry version:

Run For Your Life Tank in Heathered Raspberry

New Stride Jacket in the Black Stripes Galore Pattern. It's eye-catching but not in a crazy way. I wonder if this would work in a Define Jacket.

The Full Tilt Pullover in the Heathered Rocksteady is very tempting. I like these denim looking patterns in photos but I don't wear them much when I buy them.

The Heathered Black Full Tilt Pullover is kind of nice. I still wish it didn't have the color blocking and was solid colored.

Most of the stores are featuring photos of the Ghost and Heathered Clear Sky Full Tilt long sleeve but there is also a heathered black version. Once again, I wish it was solid Heathered Black.

Some of the new Groove waistbands.

Swiftly in Muted Mauve. However, I saw this in the store over the weekend and it looked very close to my Potion Purple Swiftly so I can live without it.

Sequence Pant with Rocksteady Swiftly
Black Denim Sequence Pant with Rocksteady CRB
Some more photos of the Sequence pant.

A Define Jacket in Rocksteady.