Saturday, September 3, 2011

Comparison of the New Brisk Run Earwarmer to the Previous Version (UPDATE)

Back of the ear warmers

front of the ear warmers
I bought the new Brisk Run Earwarmer ($18) in Ghost yesterday. That was the only color my store had received. I took out the Aruba BREW that I bought last January to compare. Last winter's Brisk Run was double layered. This falls's design is a single layer of running luon. The tag says the slim fit works as an additional layer under helmets and hoods but I really liked the look and fit of the Aruba version. I was thinking I'd buy either the heathered coal or heathered black earwarmer that are coming but since the design isn't the same I'll stop with the Ghost.

Update - a reader comments that she bought the heathered black ear warmer today and that one is double layered. It looks like I will be buying it after all.

Update - The Ghost earwarmer is double layered after all. I had to rub the two layers together to feel them but they are there. It just feels thinner than my older Aruba version since it doesn't have the gathers to puff it up. (Thanks to all the people commenting in to set me straight)

Yesterday's Shopping Trip - Full Tilt LS and PO, Essential Jacket, Muted Mauve Define

Full Tilt Longsleeve in Heathered Clear Sky
Full Tilt Longsleeve in Heathered Black
Yesterday I had the rare treat of shopping with some fellow Lululemon fans. I think I have probably used both their modeling photos on the blog more than a few times but I won't name them because I know not everyone aspires to internet "fame." One does Crossfit and another is a runner so we had a nice representation of athletic activities and desired functionality in our clothes. We were all very interested to try on the new Full Tilt longsleeve and pullover tops. I tried on both the Ghost and Heathered Clear Sky Full Tilt Longsleeve. I thought it fit true to size and was super soft and comfortable (as is typical of running luon). The neckline didn't lay totally flat unless I arranged it, as can be seen in the top photo, but it was something I could live with. The Heathered Clear Sky is very cute but I really want a nuetral color. I loved the Ghost LS but I've owned ivory colored items before and I know I would stress about keeping the sleeves clean. I don't care for the color blocking in the Heathered Black so I will keep an eye out for a better color combo. I would have loved something like a solid black (boring, I know, but so versatile, low upkeep, and hides wear) or solid Magnum (not heathered) or Sidewalk gray. My lululemon collection is large enough that I can afford to be super picky so if you have been waiting for a long sleeve running luon top, the Full Tilt may fit the bill for you.

Full Tilt in heathered muted mauve with circle mesh and ribbed paneling
Full Tilt Pullover has ribbed sections in the sleeves
Full Tilt PO in Heathered Lavender Gray
I also tried on the Full Tilt Pullover in Heathered Lavender Gray. I thought the color was more lavender than gray when viewed in real life, unlike a lot of the luon and luxtreme lavender gray items which seem more gray to me. The pullover fit true to size but I wasn't wowed by it. I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with it but since I already have three running luon pullovers I need to feel tear-the-tags-off-now lust to shell out $98 for one. That being said, if a nice solid black pullover with a zippered high neck came out I would buy it in a heartbeat. I have two solid black that I wear all the time and they look super cute with a tank peeking out from underneath and at the neck.

I also tried on the Essential Jacket. My store had it in Rocksteady and Black. The black version had heathered black luxtreme on the interior of the collar but the Rocksteady was made out of Glyde so I'm not sure why the product info says it is paneled with luxtreme. I think the info was taken in error from the Featherweight Hybrid Jacket. The Essential is $118. I thought the jacket fit true to size with room for layering and was particularly roomy in the shoulders. Unlike the Featherweight Hybrid the Essential only has two front pockets and no rear pocket. It also doesn't have the ipod cord tunnel like the Featherweight. It's a very nice looking unlined wind breaker but I don't know if I'm in the market for one right now.

I tried on the Muted Mauve Define jacket and it was love at first sight. I would have gotten it but I really don't have a lot of workout tanks that would coordinate well with this color other than black. For me to spend $98 on a new Define I need to have at least three tanks to wear it with. I may change my mind and get it eventually but for now I regretfully left it in the store. I would say the color in this photo is very representative of the color in real life.