Friday, September 2, 2011

More of the Latest

Muted Mauve Define - so pretty!

Photos of the Full Tilt Longsleeve in Clear Sky and Ghost.

 Weather or Not Jacket

The Latest - Full Tilt Longsleeve, Pullover, Crops, and More

New Essential Jacket in Rocksteady. This is another lightweight run jacket made of Glyde, luxtreme, with perforated panels. I like the clean lines of this jacket. Cannot wait to try it on.

Some more photos of the Full Tilt Pullover. I am hoping this arrives at my store today and I will get to try it on. Not sure if I need another run pullover since I have three but I definitely want to give it a try on.

Some photos of the Full Tile Longsleeve. I hope it's a trick of the lighting and the Ghost version is does not have pale yellow accent stitching.

Photos of the new Full Tilt crops. I have enough luxtreme running crops so will pass on these.

The new Weightless Skirt is kind of cute, maybe a bit over the top (and it kind of reminds me of my Swiffer Dusters), but the worst thing about it is the wallet-busting $78 price tag. I saw a bunch of Weightless Singlets on markdown at my local store yesterday. Maybe this will be repriced.

Photos of the Solace Jacket fastened a couple of different ways.

A photo of the three different colors of the Pritti crop.

Australian Heads Up

There is a new manifesto longsleeve print coming. It looks like it will be in black and white. I really like my fresh manifesto ls that I bought on markdown but not sure if I'd pay full price, although I might. They are quite handy to throw over a tank for running errands. I've read they are extremely delictate so be careful with them if you buy one. I don't know if I care for the big block letters on this version, it's a bit too obvious.

A gorgeous Define Jacket is coming in Muted Mauve. On a person with the right coloring, this jacket is beautiful.