Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Full Tilt Pullover in Heathered Black. I kind of like this. I hope my store gets this tomorrow but since I'm in SoCal I won't hold my breath.

Define Jacket in Rocksteady

Inspire Crops in Rocksteady/Clear Sky

See Me Ride 7/8 Tight in Coal.

Weather or Not Jacket.

Today's Shopping Trip - Pritti Crops, Nesting CRB, and More

I went to the store today to exchange my Surge Featherweight Hybrid jacket. I like the jacket but not in Surge. My store told me they are expecting a lot of boxes of new stuff tomorrow but there was a bunch of new stuff I hadn't seen yet. I tried on the the Pritti tank and was surprised how roomy it is in the bust. I thought it was a very cute tank. The ten fit me pretty well so you might want to size down in this tank. If you are busty and typically spill out of lulu's strappier tanks give the Pritti a try. I have a fatal attraction to circle mesh tanks and really wanted to get this one but it's low support and I need at least moderate for the elliptical. I might have gotten it, too, if it came out at the beginning of summer (although we've had a cool one so far) but since we are heading into fall I am giving this a pass for now. If I find one at markdown I might pick it up, though. This is one of lulu's pricier tanks at $64. If you practice hot yoga you might consider this tank.

My store also got the Run For Your Life Tanks in in Lavender Gray and Rapsberry. I liked the Lavender Gray a lot but the horizontal line in the bra portion really showed through in this color on me. I already have one RFYL tank in Royalty and like it well enough but I don't love it enough to get another right now at full price.

I didn't think I would like the Coal Ground Nesting black bird print CRB from the photos I've seen but I ended up buying it. The one I happened to try on had a lot of black squiggles on it. It does have a high polyester content (94%) but that doesn't particularly bother me. I find I wear my print CRBs a lot more often than my solid ones so this will get a lot of use. My store also had the Heathered Muted Mauve and Rocksteady CRBs.

I tried on the Pritti crops and ended up buying a pair in black. I think the seaming on the backside, side of the leg, and little ruffle detail at the calf is visually slimming in those areas. My store did not have the heathered black, only solid black and heathered coal. I think they fit a lot like Wunder Unders. I think the waist might be a little lower than WUs, though.

I also got myself my first Ta Ta Tamer today in the Lavender Gray. I've tried this bra on so many times and left it at the store but they happened to have some 38Ds to try on. I thought Lavender Gray would look nice peeping out from underneath black tops. I also have a lot of purple and blue tops it will coordinate with. I ended up getting a 38D. The 36DD fit ok but I couldn't get it on with the straps crossed. It was tough enough getting the 38D on with crossed straps. I am hoping the straps will stretch out a bit. Either that or I'll become a better contortionist.I think I am a bit long in the shoulder area but lulu needs to add another inch to the strap length to make this perfect for crossing. I will get a lot of use out of this in the normal configuration but it's mystifying as to why the straps are so short.

Photos of the Full Tilt Pullover and Longsleeve, See Me Ride Tight

Photos of the new Full Tilt Pullover in the Heathered Lavender Gray. The price is $98. It also comes in heathered black and heathered muted mauve. (Thanks, Michelle!)

Full Tilt Longsleeve in Clear Sky with Weightless Skirt
Reflective fuffles at the cuff

Photos of the Heathered Clear Sky Full Tilt longsleeve. The Ghost top, above, was identified as the pullover but the pullover doesn't have a horizontal band at the bottom so this is another Full Tilt long sleeve. Also, the pullover has cuffins and the long sleeve doesn't. You can see the zipper pocket. The full tilt long sleeve is cute but I'm not sure about the boat neckline. If I am chilled enough to put on a running luon top, it's not going to help to have my neck/shoulders exposed. I learned this the hard way when I bought the henley a couple of years ago. I hate the wind whistling down my neck. I'll have to give a try on, though. I love both the ghost and the clear sky version. The longsleeve is $78.

See Me Ride Tight with Full Tilt Pullover
I find full length tights too warm for southern california so these are a pass for me.

Full Tilt LS Now in the US

The Full Tilt Longsleeve is now in the US. A woman in Michigan posted a photo of herself in the Heathered Clear Sky one on one of my FB groups. The price is $78. It has a zipper pocket at the hem and mesh panels under the arms and down the back. She said she also saw it in black and a cream color, which I think is probably Ghost.

Upload Thursday

Yay! The Black Snowy Owl Scuba made it to the US side of the website but it appears the size twelves were stopped at the border because the size range goes only to a ten for some reason. I called the GEC to find out what the deal was since the Canadian side of the site has twelves and scubas always go to a twelve. The woman on the phone thought maybe the twelves hadn't arrived yet because she was showing out of stock for that size. Hopefully, they will pop up but I ordered a ten this morning. I will use the smaller size as a weight loss incentive to continue losing weight. I've lost nearly twenty pounds since the end of January, which isn't a ton or very rapidly but it's a start and I figure by the time the weather is cool enough to need a scuba this will fit. I think nearly everything else that appeared this morning I can get in a store. I really want to try on the Pritti tank. It looks so cute in every educator photo I've seen so far. I've heard the Pritti crops are super comfortable and I want to give those a try, too. I am planning to visit the store today.

I've read that stores are expecting shipments on Friday so I am wondering if new things will also be put on the website. It's also a holiday weekend both here and in Canada. I don't remember a huge Loot upload last year at this time but it wouldn't hurt to keep checking the website to see if new things are added to the markdown section over the weekend. A lot of stores are clearancing out their summer stuff so you never know.

What did you all order today?