Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photos of the Full Tilt Pullover, See Me Ride 7/8th Tight and More

(Click for a larger view)
Ok, I definitely think I need this pullover. I love the neutral color of Lavender Gray. I hope this makes it on line or to my local store soon.

New See Me Ride 7/8th Tight. They are too long for me but nice for a fall running or riding pant.

New Run: Weightless Skirt in Black.

I finally found a good photo of the Muted Mauve Stripes Galore Power Y. I might get a Rocksteady Stripes Galore version if they have one.

I think I forgot to post that the Power Pose crops are back. These are Heathered Gray.

New minimal coverage Dignity bra. It's made of luxtreme.

Upload Thursday Eve

I've been a bit remiss posting photos but I am hoping to see the new Run: Essential Jacket tomorrow. I think it's supposed to show up in stores on Friday so this one is a long shot.

The construction sounds very similar to the Featherweight Hybrid jacket - DWR Glyde, perforated body mapping, luxtreme panels and lots of reflectivity. It's coming in Rocksteady and Black, sizes 2-12. I also like the Rocksteady color better than the Surge Featherweight Hybrid I ordered. I hope the price is similar but since this looks like more Glyde and less luxtreme I think it might be more.

I kind of like this Pullover. It's the Full Tilt Pullover. It comes in Heathered Muted Mauve/Muted Mauve, Heathered Lavender Grey/Lavender Grey, Heathered Black/Black. I think I would like one in Heathered Lavender Gray. The stores say that these will show up on Friday so most likely it won't be in tomorrow's upload.

There is also a new Run For Your Life coming in Heathered Lavender Gray. I like the more solid looking versions of this tank, like the Royalty, Coal, and this one. I might get it.

If the Brisk Earwarmers show up tomorrow I am definitely ordering at least one. I love the Aruba one I bought last year.

If the Dewberry Featherweight Hybrid shows up tomorrow I might order it. I got my Surge one today but I am really not a Surge person. I like the jacket concept a lot but not in Surge.

The new Weather Or Not Jacket is super cute. I will get zero use out of it, but I still thinks it's kind of cute, especially the tweed one.

Shown with the Appreciation Pant
There is a new print CRB out (Coal Ground Nesting Black Bird) and some new colors - heathered muted mauve, lavender gray, and rocksteady but I don't love any of them.

I don't think I've written about this yet but the Solace jacket is back. I wasn't that excited about it the first time around but I think it might show up tomorrow.

I think tomorrow will be an interesting day for the upload.

Awesome Product Alert Emails - NOT!

This is what all my product alerts emails looked like this week. So informative. NOT!! What the heck lulu? I know a couple of stores made an error and sent out the wrong PA info but why break the links on every item in these emails? Your web team continues to be a joke. If you guys haven't seen the stuff that is coming next week, or really, this Friday since a lot of stores are getting their Monday shipments early because of the holiday, the lulumum blog has captured the new goodies which include a new running luon long sleeve (Full Tilt LS) and pullover (Full Tilt PO), a new run jacket I have my eye on (Essential Jacket), and a new run crop (See Me Ride Tight).

NEW! Appreciation Pant

Shown with the Pritti Tank
New belted Appreciation Pant. In sizes 2-12 and Black/Rocksteady, Black Stripes Galore, Heathered Coal/Muted Mauve Stripes Galore, Black. I'll have to give them a try.

NEW! Weather Or Not Jacket

Shown with Pritti crops and Movement Leg Warmers
The tweed version of this jacket is very cute. I haven't finished going through all my product notices so I'll update when I find the relevant one.

NEW Cool Racerback Colors - Muted Mauve and Nesting Blackbird Print

Shown with the new Heathered Ghost Method Wrap
New print CRB shown with the new Movement Leg Warmers

Two new colors are out in the Cool Racerback. There is a new print in the Coal Nesting Black Bird and a heathered Muted Mauve. Oddly enough, the Nesting Blackbird doesn't do much for me. Maybe because it's on a coal background. I'll definitely check it out in the store, though. Also, I think I would have preferred a solid Muted Mauve CRB to the heathered version.

NEW! Riding Pants

New luon Riding Pant. Available in 2-10 in Wren Denim, Heathered Coal, Black Denim Luon, and Black. I would think they'd be around $98. They don't do much for me so I'll pass on them.

  • Enjoy the ride through your vinyasa or out on your horse in these fitted pants
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon® - breathable, soft coverage
  • Zipper opening at bottom leg to pull over your foot easier
  • Medium rise, snug fit, ankle length
  • Waistband inner stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk

Brisk Run Earwarmer Returning - Yay!!!

There is a ton of new stuff showing up in stores this week. I am a bit behind and will get to it all but probably not until late tomorrow afternoon. I'll start with one of the smallest items but one I loved when it came out last year - the Brisk Run Earwarmer. It's made of running luon so it is super soft and keeps your ears warm in cooler/cold weather. It makes a great headband indoors, too. These sold quickly last year and then got marked up on resale. So, if you think you might like one, get it because they were impossible to find and you can always resell it easily.