Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEW! Rocksteady CRB, Swiftly, Power Y, and More

New CRB in Rocksteady. I think some stores have identified this as being luxtreme but it's not. People who have bought it have verified that it's regular light luon.

New Short Sleeve Swiftly in Rocksteady - love!

New Power Y in Heathered Rocksteady. I am a sucker for the denim look. I am going to have to try this on. Love.

The details on the Priiti tank are just gorgeous. I am going to have to try it on even though it's not a very practical tank for me to own. (Update - Hmm, just read commentary about the top seam across the boobs being a bad look. It looks ok on a mannequin but may be not so nice on real people. Poo!)

Here is a photo of the new Priiti tank in Coal. It also comes in Black.

Photo of the Heathered Muted Mauve Scoop Neck tank.

I love how gorgeous Lavender Gray looks paired with Dewberry. This photo makes me want to get items in these colors so I can put them together this way. The tank is the Spin Me and the jacket is the Featherweight Hybrid Jacket.

A photo of the new black Denim Grooves.

Photo of the back of the new Priiti crops.

NEW! Run: Full Tilt Skirt

New Run: Full Tilt Skirt. It comes in white and black so far, sizes 4-10. Here is the product info:

  • Train full tilt this fall in this technical running skirt!
  • Lightweight & wicking swift® fabric with 2-way stretch
  • Inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric liner with sticky elastic at hem, stops shorts from riding up
  • Smooth luxtreme™ waistband wicks sweat away!
  • Continuous drawcord
  • Storage! Secure zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
  • FLAT tennis ball pocket serves it up to the competition

Upload Thursday

I ordered the Surge Featherweight Hybrid Jacket. I was thinking of tracking down the Dewberry but after reflecting on how often I wear my Potion Purple Define and taking a look at the tops I have to go with this jacket I figured Surge was the better choice. I already have a Surge cap so I am good to go. It should be here next Wednesday.  I was also half hoping the Snowy Owl Scuba might show up today on the US side but I know I will get more use of out the Featherweight Hybrid jacket. This is a jacket I can use nearly one hundred percent of the year here in Southern California.

I was also tempted by the Heathered Raspberry Run For Your Life tank. I wish this one had come out before the Royalty. I may still get it but for now I am pretty excited about the Featherweight Hybrid Jacket.

I know a lot of people are excited to see the Inspire jacket come back. I liked the jacket well enough but I'm not a fan of asymmetrical openings since I often wear my jackets unzipped.

The Audrey jackets also showed up today. This jacket is overkill for Southern California so an easy pass for me.

What did you all order today?