Saturday, August 6, 2011

Run For Your Life Tank Performance Review

I wore my new Royalty Run: For Your Life tank to spin yesterday morning. I really liked it. I didn't layer another bra under it but did put cups in. I thought the support was adequate for moderate cardio like spin. I really like the wide open back, it helped keep me cooler than I normally get in spin class. The material is lightweight and very breathable. I put it slightly less breathable and lightweight than silverescent circle mesh but it's a great material for hot weather/sweaty activities. The sheen of this material dresses it up a bit, too. I wore it with luxtreme shorts and didn't have any issues with the tank riding up. The wide straps are super comfortable and stayed in place on my shoulders. The looser fit of the tank meant that I didn't get nearly as many visible sweat marks as I usually do during spin. All in all I was very happy with the performance and look of this tank. I'd love to get another in a bolder color like Heathered Raspberry or Dewberry. They are sold out on line and selling fast in the stores so maybe we'll see another run of these.

NEW! Run For Your Life Skirt, Modern Racer Colors, and Photos of the Latest

New Run For Your Life Skirt in Snowy Owl Print. I don't have a rear photo of this yet.

This is a new Modern Racer. I'm not sure of the color.

Photo of the new Rocksteady Scuba and what looks like a Heathered Dewberry Modern Racer.

The Ghost Power Y - I've got to see how this color compares to white in the store - the the eye-catching sunburst Groove pant. This combo is so cute together.

 Another eye-catching sunburst Groove waistband.

The Ghost Power Y paired with the new Method Pant in Heathered Black.

Black Stripes Galore Power Y. I wore my new Black Stripes Galore headband with an all-black outfit the other day. I really like the look of the pattern, especially played off against black. I'm going to have to try this tank on at the store.

New Coal with Rocksteady/Coal Space Dye Groove Shorts.

Close up shot of the Rocksteady Gradient Wee Stripe Scuba.

I like the combo of the Magnum Silver Bullet tank and the Snowy Owl shorts.

Some photos of the new OM scarf.