Monday, July 25, 2011

Photos - New Run for Your Life Crops and More

New colors in the Run For Your Life crops. The top is Coal with Ghost and the bottom is Black with Heathered Royalty.

Another photo of the Heathered Royalty Stride. This jacket is calling my name.

Speedy Run Hat Photos

Some good close up photos of the new Speedy Run hat. It looks like it has a velcro closure in the back. That's not my favorite kind of closure but I can live with it. From the few product alerts that mention it, it looks like it's coming in Dewberry and Black.

More Photos - Heathered Royalty Stride and More

Some better photos of the Heathered Royalty Stride Jacket. I'm not a fan of the Stride on me but I really, really like this color. I wonder if there will be a Define coming out in it.

A better photo of the Heathered Dewberry luxtreme Cool Racerback tank.

More photos of the Heathered Coal Turbo tank. This one was not uploaded last Thursday.

Snap Me Up Crops in Heathered Coal

The Latest, Part 2 - Snap It Up, Raspberry Speed Skirts, and More

Very cute Snap Me Up crops. They were uploaded on Thursday but they are arriving in the stores now.

The Wren Space Dye Stripe Jacket

New Scoop Neck Tanks in Magnum with Heathered Pigeon and Black with Black Space Dye.

Run Speed Skirt in Raspberry shown with the Heathered Royalty CRB.

There is also a new Dewberry Spray Dye Speed Skirt (thanks to Sharon).

More photos of the Breezy Bow tee. I think it's a cute tee but the ties are a bit big.

New Power Y in Rocksteady. Shown with Magnum Studio Crops.

The Latest, Part 1 - New Stride Colors, New CRBs, New Shorts, and More

I haven't had a chance to try on the new Turbo Tank but I suspect I won't like how it looks on me. However, this color combo is very appealing to me. I think it's Heathered Coal.

Turbo Tanks in Action (shown with the Acro and Snap It Up Crops)

Photo of the new Royalty luxtreme CRB. Shown with new Dewberry Turbo Run Shorts.

The Heathered Dewberry luxtreme CRB is also arriving in stores. I've gotten a few notices that say there is also a Heathered Magnum CRB out so as soon as I find a photo of this tank, I'll post it.

Close up of the Dewberry Turbo Run Shorts.

There is a new Free To Be Bra out in Magnum. I might have to get this. I love using the Free To Be under other tanks for additional support. Shown with new Turbo Run Shorts in Magnum Snowy Owl.

Heathered Dewberry Define shown with Snap It Up crops.

Speed Shorts in the Peacock Lace Print

Stride Jacket in Heathered Royalty. On the right is the Lively Crewneck in the Snowy Owl print.