Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photo - Heathered Magnum Dash Tank II

Photo of the new Heathered Magnum Dash Tank II. I like this color, too.

Photos of the Latest - Feather Print CRB, Dignity Halter, Dash Tank and More

Photo of the new Feather Print CRB. It looks like this one is Coal. I can't tell if this is made of luxtreme or the regular polyester the prints are made of. I like it but not sure if I love it enough to buy.

Photo of the new Dignity Halter. I read a fit report that the tie strap doesn't pull as much on the neck as the old Hip Halter does. This style doesn't do much for me from the photos but I am curious to give it a try when it hits my local store.

Photo of the Dash Tank II (not sure why it was given the "II", that usually means a design change or fabric change) in Heathered (or maybe Static) Royalty. This is a pretty color but I find the Dash Tank kind of dull although I know a lot of people love it.

Photo of the new Black Space Dye Wunder Unders paired with the Royalty Deep Breath.

The Weightless Singlet also comes in Surge. I am dying to give this a try but I keep seeing horizontal lines across the back right at the armpit level. It looks like it runs snug in that area.

Magnum Space Dye Power Y. I think this is a pretty color but I am afraid it will wash me out.