Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store today to see the newest arrivals and to try on the luxtreme Deep Breath tanks. I was hoping to find the luxtreme versions more supportive and less stretchy than the regular luon light version and they were. I ended up going home with the Royalty Deep Breath. I tried on the three colors that my store had - Royalty, Dewberry, and Coal. I thought the Coal version fit snugger (more TTS) than the other two.  The fit reminds me a lot of the Athletic Deep V as far as how much cleavage shows. I really prefer luxtreme as a technical fabric to luon light so I am happy this version of the Deep Breath came out. I find luxtreme more silky-feeling, more breathable, and more wicking than luon light. I like CRBs a lot as casual wear and exercising outside but I find them kind of hot to wear indoors in the gym, particularly in the warmer months.  I hope Lululemon continues to make the luxtreme version of the Deep Breath tank.

I know some people have poo-pooed the ribbon/ruffle detail at the neckline of the luxtreme Deep Breaths but I think it really makes the top. I ended up sizing down in the Royalty so the top fit a little more snug in the cups but the Coal version was too small when I tried the next size down. I had hoped to give the black a try, too, but I might have to buy it on line. I might get it if I like the way the Royalty performs at the gym as far as support and exposure because I do like the style a lot.  All three colors I saw were solid luxtreme so I'm not sure why the Dewberry version looks two tone in photos. It must have something to do with the orientation of the weave of the fabric between the top and bottom portions of the tank.

Bold Blue, left, and Royalty, right in direct sunlight. Both are luxtreme.
Royalty, top. Bold Blue bottom in indirect light. Both are luxtreme.
I also tried on the new Royalty Space Dye and Magnum Space Dye Scoop Neck tanks. One of the stores wrote the Scoop Necks now have adjustable bras but they don't. I thought both of the new colors fit on the small side. I really liked the Royalty Space Dye and might consider getting one in a Power Y.

I tried on the new All Sport Shorts. I liked them a lot but I think I like the fit of the new Willpower shorts on me better. It's great that Lululemon is making longer shorts designed for women with more muscular legs.

I gave the new Heathered Black Still shorts a try. I might go back and get them but for now I can live without them. I think the heathered versions are a bit thinner than regular weight luon and show flaws a little more easily. I was hoping to try on the new Take Flight Pullover but the store isn't getting them for a couple of days.