Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Speed Skirt - Dewberry or Raspberry? Also, Upload Wishes

This latest batch of product alert emails have all been messed up with wrong links but one popped up with this photo of what looks like a Speed Skirt. It was identified as Dewberry Seaspray and the link went to a photo of the Speed Shorts. Anyway, this may be Dewberry or possibly even Raspberry since it looks a bit bright to be Dewberry.

I don't think I am really looking for much tomorrow. If a Power Y showed up in the new Magnum Ghost Space Dye or Royalty Space Dye I would get one of them. I also would like to get a headband in the Black Wee Stripe. Also, if one of the new prints we've been hearing hints of (feather print like the inside of the new pillow Scubas) comes in a CRB I might get that. Other than that, I am not looking for anything. What are you looking for?

The Black Wee Stripe headband is on my wishlist.

New Magnum Space Dye pattern
Royalty Space Dye

More Photos of the Latest

Some photos of the newest colors of Pace Setter and Speed Skirts hitting the stores. The Pace Setter comes in Coal/Coal Wee Stripe, Black/Pink Mist, and solid Black. The Speed skirt is in Surge/Surge Wee Stripe.

New Scuba in Citron.

This photo was inside one of my product alert emails. It's instructive in that it's the same woman in all of Lululemon's shorts. It's interesting to note which fit on the snug side and which fit loose. It looks like the Willpwers have the loosest fit and that the girl in the photo should probably size up in the entire top row, unless it causes the leg opening to flare too much.

NEW! Take Flight Skirt

New Take Flight Skirt in Dewberry. (Thanks to Ms. X!) She says that it has a generous fit, similar to the Energy skirt. It also comes in Black, Surge, and Coal.

I also read there is going to be a Deep Breath tank in the new Royalty color. It's also coming in Dewberry. There is also a Scoop Neck tank in Royalty Space Dye hitting the stores, too. There is also a grayish space dye coming in the Scoop Neck - Magnum Space Dye/Ghost.

Royalty Space Dye Scoop Neck - just hitting stores now

New Magnum Space Dye/Ghost Scoop Neck