Monday, July 4, 2011

New Bags and Photos of the Latest

New Hot Yoga Hobo in Surge and Black

New Wanderlust Rucksack. I like it. It's got a rain cover stowed in the bottom.

New Travel Pooch in Dewberry - I wonder if this squiggle print is going to turn up on any clothes.

Another photo of the X-Long Cool Racerback. This is Coal.

More photos of the Yoga Camp pants.

NEW! Extra Long Cool Racerback and More Photos of the Yoga Camp Pant, Care Free Crop, and Free To Be Bra

The Extra Long Cool Racerback has gone mainstream. This was a Lab item but now it's gone into full production. I'll update with photos and prices.

The Free to Be bra is back. It's made of luxtreme and comes in Dewberry and Citron. On it's own, it's not much support but I like to use it to layer under spaghetti strap tanks.

More photos of the new Yoga Camp pant. People who have tried them on say they run narrower in the leg than the Dance Studio Pants.

Heathered Black Care Free Crops

The Care Free crop looks like it has potential but there is a lot going on at the waistband - ribbing, pleats, pockets. I'll have to give them a try. There is also supposed to be a pants version. I had read a rumor a couple of weeks ago that Still pants were going to be discontinued and I can see Lulu positioning these pants as a replacement. I haven't tried these on yet but I really love my Still pants. I can't see anything replacing them - the design is clean and classic.

From Australia - the Right As Rain Jacket. I assume North America will be getting this eventually.

New! Care Free Crop

New Care Free crops. They look like a closer fitting version of Still Crops. I'm going to have to try these on. (Thanks again to Kate for these photos)

New! Yoga Camp Pant

Just spotted in the stores - the Yoga Camp pant. The are made of the same material as the Dance Studio pant, have a slightly narrower leg, and come in black, wren, and coal. They are $108. Thanks to Kate for these photos. She said she sized up for a roomier fit.

Loot Added!

Some new loot (We Made Too Much) has finally been added! Just a few new things, though. Maybe more will follow.

The Inspire Jackets Are Coming Back

The new issue of Runner's World (thanks to Zanna for spotting this) has a photo of what looks like a Dewberry or Raspberry Inspire Jacket. Looking back at my old review, I see it felt a bit tight in the shoulders and upper arms. I wonder if that has changed. The price has been jacked up another ten dollars to $168.