Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Newest Headbands

I am thinking this is a Raspberry and Dewberry Space Dye headband.

Another photo of the Dewberry Space Dye headband. Shown with a black wee stripe headband. I think I have to get that one. Hmmm, my son needs some new sneakers so I do have an excuse to go shopping tomorrow. He won't mind being dragged to Lulu, too much. ;-)

A Surge Wee Stripe Dance Headband.

Upcoming Lulu - Raspberry is Back, Dewberry Space Dye, and Feather Print

Just hitting the stores now - Dewberry space dye headbands. Clothing is supposed to follow.  I hope some interesting tops come out in this pattern.

Also, Raspberry is supposed to come back. and supposedly some raspberry headbands already in the stores.
Update - A reader comments that Raspberry is not coming back after all. Hmmm, I wonder if it is coming back as an accent color because the Dewberry space dye headband looked like it had Raspberry as the other part of the headband.
Here is what raspberry looks like:

Raspberry (top) and Violaceous (bottom)
Also, new clothes in the same print found (feather print) on the inside of the new Ghost Scubas are supposed to be coming out.